Beading Ideas – 3 Tips For Kids

If you’ve been doing beadwork for any length of time at all, you know how engrossing it can be. If you have children, it’s only natural that you’d reach a point where you want to share your hobby with them. Below are a trio of being ideas that can help you do just that!

1 – Stick with Kits – They make beading project kits that are actually quite involved, so these should please even older children. The advantages of a beading project kit are essentially twofold. First, the pattern and procedure have already been worked out, and there’s a clear picture of what the finished product should look like, giving your children a clearly defined goal to aim for. Second, all the materials you need to complete the design are included in the kit, so there’s nothing else to buy. A third advantage is apparent if you are working with multiple children. Kits take the guesswork, arguing, and fussing about who’s going to do what out of the equation, saving you an enormous amount of time!

2 – If you’re working with younger children, do yourself a favor and check out Pony Beads! You may not want very young children playing in (and possibly spilling, or worse, eating!) your supplies, and Pony Beads make a nice alternative triokids. Safe and attractive, they give your kids their own supplies to work with, while preserving yours, and there are all sorts of kits and project books available, making this an excellent choice!

3 – Similar to Pony Beads would be Perler Beads. Again, these are wonderfully suited for younger children, but I’ve seen some kits that would keep even older children quite happy, so if you’ve got kids between the ages of say, 7 – 12, definitely keep Perler Beads in mind, and again, there are plenty of kits and project books available, so there’s never any shortage of things to do with the supplies you buy!

As you can see from just the three ideas presented here, there are all kinds of ways to safely involve your kids in your hobby, without risking your sanity, and the list above is only the beginning!

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