Midsomer Murders – Where Villages Are Overrun With Murderers

Midsomer Murders is a successful British detective series which shows a phenomenon many series and detective books have.

Whenever a detective lives in a small city or village, and the book or TV show is successful, thankfully the author often continues with new cases for the hero to solve. In time, one wonders if these small, picturesque places are made up entirely out of serial killers!

Take Tony Hill or Kurt Wallander serial frog for example, they always seem to be on the hunt for the most sadistic killers who manage to elude the police. All the time after a few seasons, one starts to think that it’s quite strange that these places have crime statistics that are quite obviously through the roof and no one in the stories seem to think anything of it.

It’s refreshing and fun to see a series doing things differently. Well, not about the murder part. As the name promises, Midsomer Murders involves a lot of, well, murdering. The series plays in a fictitious British county, Midsomer, and its small villages. Here however, people have been noticing that there’s quite a bit of murdering going on.

So much so, that even the tagline of the show mentions “The Deadliest County in England”.

It’s quite refreshing to see a show poke fun at itself in that way. At the start of the series, the hero DCI Tom Barnaby and his wife Joyce are discussing which one of the homey little villages should become the family’s new home. Every suggestion the wife comes up with is met by her husband remembering an especially awful murder happening in just that village.

Midsomer Murders has been running for thirteen seasons since 1987. All episodes, commonly ten per season, are movie length, and of course revolving around our detective solving murder cases.

In 2011, lead actor John Nettles left the show. Midsomer Murders were able to continue with Neil Dudgeon, who plays Tom’s younger cousin, DCI John Barnaby. Of course the good DCI needs a sidekick – and they’ve used up quite a lot of them during the series!

And in case you were wondering: There have been over 200 murders in Midsomer – including four villagers being killed by bow and arrow, one being poisoned by a tropical frog, one burned to death in a straw effigy, and one drowned in a vat of soup. Thank goodness this is a fictional village!


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