How to Restore Old Buildings in Ottawa Using Stucco Siding

No matter how much technology evolves and how popular minimalism becomes, people will always be fascinated for old buildings and classic architectural styles. The city of Ottawa, which takes pride in being one of the most modern and hi-tech in Canada, might not seem like the place to find a lot of national heritage buildings, but the fact of the matter is that the capital has its share of impressive and majestic houses that pertain to the 19th and 20th century style. Anyone who has ever walked on Metcalfe Street and seen the Booth House or the Aberdeen Pavilion knows that Ottawa is no stranger to old architectural monuments. Although most residential spaces in Ottawa are quite new, there are still several houses that were built in the unique and charming traditional style. They provide the cultural feel of Ottawa and also contribute to the harmonious old vs. new contradiction that can be sensed in the Canadian capital. However, as charming as they might be, old buildings come with a great challenge: they are hard to maintain and even harder to restore. It is common knowledge that the restoration of old buildings and national heritage monuments can be very tricky, because special materials have to be used in order to preserve the vintage look. In terms of exterior finishes, stucco siding is without one of the most popular choices among Ottawa residents.

A building’s façade is a historical remnant Ottawa House Cleaning Services  that needs to be preserved. Unfortunately, many Ottawa inhabitants made the wrong choices when restoring old homes and went for modern materials that completely destroyed that vintage look and created a disharmonious combination. The truth is that most home renovation companies don’t offer the right solutions for old buildings and cater only for the needs of modern style buildings. For this reason, people imagine that restoring an old buildings requires a lot of money and materials that are hard to find, but this is only a myth. For example, stucco siding in Ottawa is an affordable solution that provides excellent results: it has exceptional durability and offers protection from harsh weather, but it also has a beautiful texture that matches old buildings. The material is also quite versatile, so you can choose from different colors and styles, depending on your preferences and architectural style in your neighborhood.

When walking on the streets of Ottawa and noticing buildings in the Rideau-Rockcliffe or Alta Vista wards, people imagine that those buildings required millions to restore. It is indeed true that national heritage buildings incur higher renovation costs, but, in the case of small residential properties, you really have nothing to fear, because prices are much lower than what you would expect. However, before staring the renovation process you should do some research to find out which local companies provide professional renovation and design solutions such as stucco siding. This way, you will avoid the risk of paying a lot of money and seeing that your precious traditional-style property was turned into a minimal and modern one.

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