My Simple Golf Swing Christmas Present

All I want for Christmas is a new simple golf swing!

Well, that is what I am doing right now. I have a pretty good golf swing right now but will it be there simplestartllc next Spring. It is not a simple swing. It is not a repeatable swing. It is not an accurate swing. And it is not the best for my body.

Therefore, I am on the search for a golf swing that is simple, repeatable and easy to remember.

All of the teachers, certified instructors or professional golfers have different methods for gripping the club, addressing the ball, squeezing the club, posture, back swing, down swing or front swing, upright swing or flat swing, hit it hard or hit it with 75% swing or 60% swing, etc.

So how is anyone suppose to know what to do? Do you get confused? I do!

I used to have a great golf swing and it was the perfect golf swing for me, but I could not have anyone learn to use my swing with any success. So, here I am 12 years after I quit golf trying to figure out how to get my golf swing back or find a simple easy to use and repeatable swing.

I am attempting the easy method. Why you may ask? Well, I am getting older and complex things are not good for my memory. I need to be simple and easy so that I don’t tax my brain.

I think that the average league golfer needs a nice simple swing that is easy to use, easy to remember and easy to repeat. Just grab your club, get up there, address your ball, find your direction and execute the simple golf swing. Wow, that was even easy to say!

I have finally found the easy simple golf swing. I have been all over the Internet and have finally found this simple swing for us.

It is simple to use and can be remembered from now until next year. The swing is a simple grip it and pull the club back half way pause and then follow through. Simple and easy.

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