SEO Tips and Marketing

Just because you are number 1 today doesn’t mean that you will be ranked even on the first page by the end of the year. There are many people aimming to take your spot and with SEO companies targeting your competitors for clients, you may have less time than you think.

1. Pull out your guns: Meta tags should be current and highly relative to your site. About 80% is good. Keyword Stuffing is still a no no, so do not go hiding keywords in web design Kansas City black text in the back ground. Those techniques are blackhat and lazy.

2. Be aware of the British: The British are coming! Your Competitors may be climbing on you. I would check weekly, Like I said, your #1 rank might be in risk, and a small fry might have hired a top SEO company, like mine, and we might be building on their site. I have put out as many as 300 articles in one week for a client, along with 3000 backlinks. They jumped about 5 pages. This was at customers request, it is better to constantly slow build.

3. Test then Test Again: SEO is testing, it takes time, it takes test and it takes patience. As you build on your site, you will see what I mean. Do not be discouraged if you make it to the top only to find that you feel again the next day. It is just how it is for new sites. As you gain experience, you get a feel of what works and what doesn’t and you will more likely make a right decision under a circumstance.

4. Learn From Your Competitors: For small city based business, you may find that the number one seed has little to no backlinks. This is because the site may be ten years old, and because the site has chosen proper domain names. Kansas City URLs are almost always about other named URLs for Kansas City searches. Just like SEO companies may find it even harder to rank for SEO without the keyowrd in the URL. Google has based even more influence on URL keywords recently.

5. Learn About RSS Feeds: If you don’t know what RSS feeds are, it is time to learn. They can provide you with hundreds of backlinks, and you can keep customers current on promotions and news updates. They are ever growing and quickly becoming more and more popular.



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