The 2 BIG No No’s of Posting on Other Business’s Facebook Pages

There is certain etiquette with Facebook, cross the line and people will slam you publicly, or worse, report you to Facebook, who are known to shut down people’s accounts with zero notice.

To avoid this negative down side but more importantly to have people respond positively to your post on their Facebook Page here are 2 BIG No No’s to avoid and 3 right ways to post…

No No # 1: Sell Sell Sell

Most people when they have a new medium to promote or sell their product/service that’s exactly what they do, onzepagina they Sell, Sell, Sell. This is what I call default marketing.

Default marketing is seeing what others do and thinking it works and going ahead and doing it without giving thought as to whether or not it’s the right course of action to take.

Certain things don’t work in Facebook, there’s a certain formula and etiquette that one must abide by if you’re to succeed with Facebook marketing.

When you post on another business’s Facebook Page never ever ever go in selling. This is the fastest way to failure in Facebook.

Never begin with one of these posts:

– “Checkout these special offers on our Facebook Page, only 5 remaining so be quick!”

– “Are you looking for the best (your product/service)? Then visit our Page for our latest specials and offers!”

Instead, think to yourself BEFORE you post, “How can I add value to the Page itself and the ‘likers’ of this Page?”.

A ‘liker’ is someone who has clicked the ‘like’ button at the top of a Facebook Page and therefore begin to receive the regular posts (updates) from that Facebook Page.

Here’s an example… I was doing some Facebook posts for a backpacker hostel client of mine, so I identified their target market then searched Facebook for the types of businesses that also have the same target market as the hostel.

I came across the ‘Wicked Vans’ Facebook Page. Wicked Vans are those rental vans with the funny graffiti on the sides and rear of the van. They certainly know their market.

Asking myself the question “How can I add value to the Page itself and the ‘likers’ of this Page?” I posted the following question on the Wicked Vans Facebook Page:

“If you could choose one celebrity to backpack around the world with who would it be and why?”

And guess who one of the replies came from? Wicked Vans themselves replied to the question!

How good is that! The Page owner themselves replying to your post in a friendly and engaging manner. This is exactly what you want to achieve.

So, tip number one is: Post in a non-salesy manner. (yes, ‘salesy’ is a new word I’ve just invented!)

No No # 2: Liker High jacking

Following on from tip number one, the next most important thing to remember is to make sure you don’t commit the serious Facebook felony of Liker High jacking.

Liker high jacking is where you post with the sole purpose of taking likers from the other business’s Facebook Page and getting them to your Page at whatever cost.

In order to commit liker high jacking you need to post in a way that is threatening to the Page owners.

This could be one or more of the following:

– Posting on a Page that is unrelated to your Page’s topic

– Posting a link to your website (either to a specific product for sale or even just to the homepage)

– A transparent testimonial that seems to endorse a product but is merely used to pull likers from their Page to your Page.

These three posts are very threatening to the other Page owner and breach every law of Facebook etiquette.

Remember, before you post, ask yourself “Is this post adding value or taking away value for both the Page owner and their Likers?”

So, tip number two is: Post in a Non-Threatening Manner.


Before you go jumping on other business’s Pages you’ll need one more valuable piece to the Facebook Page puzzle.

To ensure your post is not only read but actually gets replies you need to make sure your posts are…


An engaging post is a post that simply requires a response. The best way to do that is to ask a question. Similar to my backpacker post discussed above, ask questions that are:

– Non-Salesy

– Non-Threatening

– Fun and/or friendly

– Trigger positive images and feelings within someone

– Trigger memories of the past and/or dreams of the future

– Offer a moment of fantasy, thinking of what could be at some point in the future (these posts start with the word “If”)

And the last (but underused) type of post is to simply provide a tip that educates people. It can be a positive tip that helps them in some way or a positive tip that prevents them from making a mistake.

For example, a positive tip could be: “Tip: Posting on another business’s Facebook Page is a great way to get visitors to your own Facebook Page…and it’s free!”.

A positive tip that helps to prevent them from making a mistake is: “The two mistakes to avoid when posting on someone’s Facebook Page are, 1) Be non-salesy, 2) Be non-threatening.”

You’ll notice that these aren’t quite engaging, they’re more information-rich type of posts that will likely draw lots of people clicking the ‘like’ link underneath the post. Consistency is the key to these types of posts, over time you’ll build credibility, trust and an element of expertise-status that will draw people to you for more information and advice.

Matt Adams is a Social Media Keynote Speaker, Trainer and Consultant. He presents regularly to business owners in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast about Social Media Marketing, Social Media Strategy and Lead Generation using Facebook.


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