A Web Rotation: Split Testing WordPress Plugin

Have you ever ridden a merry go ’round as a kid or even as an adult? I bet most of you have. Consider yourself as a passenger on it, notice its rotating circular platform where it starts rotating, you will see different views and angles in a single revolution but technically you are just in one place.

In fact, we can relate split testing URL’s to the system of the merry go ’round. There is a WordPress plugin that allows the website to have multiple versions of a web page depending on the site owner’s preference. The administrator can make two or more different page formats, different content nevertheless conveying the same idea with the other versions. It also includes giving the visitor more than one alternative as to what webpage is more preferable for the individual. In addition, each version will be rotated, wordpress cookie plugin hence the name ultimate URL rotator. In order to complement the spinning of the different pages, the admin can specify the percentage of the rotation of the posts that will be published.

For example, there are three post variations. If the guest had chosen the third post; the guest will always be redirected to the 3rd post no matter how many times he refreshes the page or even the browser. It stays on the chosen post regardless of the number of individual URL versions. The reason for this is due to the cookie which enables the site to remember the visitor’s choice. It gives the visitor a fixed page for the specific topic.

Okay, so now you may be wondering what the core importance of split testing different URL’s and why does it matter to you? Essentially, it enables you to test which page gathers more traffic and which leads to more conversions. Thus giving you a vast amount of information on how to entice your visitors to buy your products and make them stay in your web site with full interest.

To put it simply, through the use of the ultimate URL rotator, you as the site owner don’t need to check the traffic of each individual page from different websites manually because the plugin does that for you. The plugin tests the profitability of different pages in different websites thus lessening the work to be done. It is a lot more convenient for you.

If you will be using the traditional way, it would cost you more time and money. Nobody wants to waste those things and especially in the era where technology is rapidly growing so we have to make the most out of it.

Increasing the traffic is apparent with the use of the URL rotation.

The split testing WordPress plugin, can definitely increase the value of each visitor to your site. You can test countless offers and landing pages to squeeze the most value out of each visitor, increase your conversions and inevitably have a very successful website.



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