Data Science Basics You Should Know

What exactly is Data Science?

It is a buzz word in today’s IT world. It happens with many technologies that people start using it as a jargon without even understanding what it means, what comes in its purview and so on. We will discuss some such things in detail. The moment you talk about and especially when you talk about data science in today’s context. Data Science has its multiple components. When you talk about components, you essentially talk of big data you talk of various roles that are in Data Science – what exactly is the role of a Data Scientist, what exactly is the role of the Data Curator, what exactly is the role of the Data Librarian and so on. In today’s world when you talk about Data Science as a stream itself, it inherently has to deal with huge amounts of data.

Role of Hadoop in Data Science

And when you talk about it, it means big data and huge amounts of frameworks that are going to deal with this massive data. There are so many frameworks that are available, and they have their own advantages and disadvantages. The most popular framework is Hadoop. You talk about data science, you talk about various analytics you have to do on this huge amount of data – you cannot really escape Hadoop. When you are doing statistical analysis, you do not care about Hadoop or any other big data framework. Hadoop is written in Java, so it will help if you know Java as well.


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