DIY Guide to Screen Printing

If you are the creative type and want to create some interesting writings on garments, either for fun or you want to make some money, this is not such a big deal. Screen printing is simply a way of printing through the use of stencils and can be dome on anything beginning from posters, T shirts, pouches or caps and many more items. The good thing about screen printing is that you need a very minimal investment which can in turn make you some great amounts o f money. You only need some material and printing supplies and you will be in business.

The first things you are going to require are the screens themselves. This only requires a piece of lattice spread over a metallic or wooden frame. It should be noted that to improve the quality of the image the mesh needs to be placed tightly. You also need a stencil that you are going to use in burning or printing the image on the mesh; this refers to transferring the image screen printing supplies from the film positive onto a transparent fabric. You will also need a pair of safety gloves as well as some supply of water, a mist nozzle, a squeegee without forgetting the screen printing ink itself.

With the items required at hand you are actually ready to go out and do dome business. Many people who do screen printing at home more often than not do it especially making promotional products. These are items where you print the logo of a company together with their name as well as a message that is directed to potential customers for their goods and services. You can get a good graphic designer to do the artwork for you so that it comes in a format where all you need to do is get into business without further delay. You only need to do some little research and you will most likely find people who will do the artwork for you at a small fee.

Once you have the artwork ready, you only need a small space at home and you will be ready to print any items that are waiting. The good thing about screen printing things such as T shirts is that it is not expensive and you only need to do some little practice before you master the art. It is important if you plan to make some money, to try and do a little practice using your own garments so that what you present before a customer comes out clean. No one will pay you for something that has smudges all over or where the final product is not appealing to the eye. Remember, if these are promotional products, the person hiring you has an image to protect and they will truth you will do a good job; there is no room for even the slightest mistake.

If you don’t have anyone else to learn from, a simple internet search will give you all information you require, with some sites actually showing every single step to follow with diagrams. Once you are sure you are ready to go, make advertisements using business cards, fliers, brochures or any local advertising boards. Putting on a T shirt and cap with the same message is not a bad idea at all; you become a walking billboard.

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