How to Get a Data Science Job?

Data Science and Businesses

Data Science is all about everything that can be done with the data in order to study and exploit hidden insights. This profession arose when simple Data Mining techniques like Business Intelligence and Hadoop were combined with technical statistics and complex computing. In general, Data Scientists are given some data and are expected to use the data and guide the company in the right direction. In today’s world, as more and more people are coming online and leaving a huge amount of Data on the internet, the need of Data Scientists has become acute in almost every industry we can think of.

Industrial Needs of Data Scientists

What a particular Data Scientist does depends on the type and size of the company he’s working for. A start-up company having a lack of resources cannot hire a lot of people, so only one or two people have to do all the job, namely collecting data, interpreting, transforming, modeling, testing and visualizing. Big companies, which enjoy abundant resources and can hire a lot of professionals, generally distribute the entire process among Data Engineers, Software Engineers and Data Scientists. Here, Data Scientists are mainly focused on Analytics, modeling, testing, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.


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