Solar Flares and Molecules of Air pot

It is pretty well-known that when you add energy to atoms that the orbits of the electrons move outward. It’s also known that when you add energy to gas it expands and if it is in an enclosed container the pressure increases. You can do this at home in your own cooking pots, it’s the same reason that a teapot starts whistling when it is at boiling point. Okay so, I would like to point out some things to consider during solar maximums when it comes to pollution.

It would be unfair to take readings AirPods Pro Case to promote the global warming agenda during times after solar flares. Because a solar flare would thicken our atmosphere, compress it, and therefore increase the percentage of pollution. Let me explain in another way. If you have a lake which has X amount of gallons of pollution in it, and then you take that same lake later in the year with the same number of gallons of pollution, but during the dry season where the lake is down slightly then the volume of water is less, therefore the percentage of pollution is greater.

If the molecules of air pollution during these times of extreme solar activity have expanded, and if the atmosphere has been compressed during that same time period – then the measurements and readings will look quite drastic, and be out of line with the reality. It seems to me that we should be concerned with climate scientists and global warming alarmists who present research papers trying to assert their premise that AGW theory is valid by collecting data during these periods.

Now then, if they subtract out the difference, that is if they know what the difference is, between the atmosphere density during compression, and the excitement of the molecules of pollution and atmosphere incited by the solar flare, then it would be fair to read their research papers. However if they don’t take this into consideration, they are doing a disservice to all of us by attempting to scare us into energy policies which will hurt economic activity, and raise the cost of our energy – all the name of global warming, a theory they have not proven.

What bothers me is not only that the scientific community has been hijacked by the global warming funders, but the reality that the news media blows each and every report out a proportion, to maximize their headlines. We are no longer dealing with science at that point, we’ve turned global climate warming theory into nothing more than a religious endeavor distributed to the masses. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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