the fast brownDigital marketing, also known as online or internet marketing,

the fast brownDigital marketing, also known as online or internet marketing, is fast becoming the number one way to advertise your business to potential customers. If you have a small or medium-sized business located on the Gold Coast, the rewards for investing in digital marketing are enormous. In a recent online survey, 75% of small business owners stated that internet marketing had proven very effective at attracting new customers. Another study showed that 30% of small businesses with a web presence generated more than 25% of their revenue online. As a Gold Coast business owner, your topmost priorities are to get more customers, grow your business, expand your reach, and ultimately, make a profit. If done right, digital marketing gives you the opportunity to achieve all four goals with one fell swoop. Nowadays, everyone is either buying or researching a product via the internet. According to Statista, in 2014, about 1.32 billion people purchased goods and services online. This number is expected to nearly double in 2021. So, as a business owner, if you’re not marketing your goods and services online, you are missing out on a truckload of profit.

SEO – an integral part of digital marketing and business growth

Whenever you hear the term ‘digital marketing’ being bandied about in a conversation or article, the acronym ‘SEO’ is not far behind. This is because the two terms are closely interrelated, you literally can’t have one without the other. SEO is undoubtedly one of the biggest forms of digital marketing. In fact, a digital marketing strategy that lacks SEO might not yield the desired results.

What exactly is SEO?

Let’s say Bill, a regular guy with a 9-to-5 job, is in need of an electrician. Do you think he’s going to stroll around his neighbourhood after a hectic day at work looking for one? Definitely not in this day and age! He is going to pick up his smartphone and search online for electricians in his area via a search engine (Google, Baidu, Bing, or Yahoo). According to Search Engine Journal, 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine and 47% of people click on one of the first three listings. Another researcher says that 92% of these online searchers will pick businesses listed on the first page of local search results. These statistics don’t lie. In his search for electricians, Bill would very likely not go past the first page of his search results on Google. What this means is that if you want to succeed in the competitive world of business, you must: A. Get your website onto the first page of search engines, and B. If possible, rank as high as one of the first three listings. And the opportunity to do just that is what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) offers you. As the name implies, SEO is the process of optimizing your website to rank high on organic listings of search engines, especially Google. For your site to rank well on Google, its content must be relevant and you must have an established and trustworthy reputation.

Your content must contain important keywords that customers search for. It must be written in a manner that engages and captivates prospective clients. For your SEO to yield desired results, quality content must also be backed up with quality backlinks. Link building is as important as dishing out engaging content. Having other websites linking back to yours portrays you as a credible source of information and adds a distinct touch of authenticity to your content. Online searchers get the impression that you are truly knowledgeable about the industry and can solve their problems.

Local SEO could turn your Gold Coast business around

Building your online presence worldwide through SEO is great, but as a local business in the Gold Coast, chances are your target audience are the happy people residing in your locality. In this case, local, rather than organic SEO, is a better online marketing tool. Local SEO is simply SEO at a local scale. You optimize your website to rank high for local searches on Google. To achieve this, your content must include local keywords that are designed to pull in a large number of customers residing in Gold Coast. Your location and address details must be a key part of your content and website optimization. Our case study, Bill, searched online for a local electrician and Hubspot says he is just one out of an amazing 46% of Google users searching for a local business to meet their needs. What’s more, 72% of these users end up either calling or physically visiting these businesses based on the information they got online. When it comes to local SEO, listing your business locally on Google My Business also plays a major role. It makes it very easy for people to find you and get the location of your business. In fact, a recent study showed that 86% of people look up the location of a business on Google Maps. Additionally, reviews from happy customers displayed either on your website or on Google Maps also help in attracting new customers and increasing sales


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The Pros and Cons of Carbon Trading – A Primer

Governments are endeavoring to discover an answer for public developing worry about worldwide notice. What’s more, government officials are buying into on the trend to be viewed as bosses of the green campaign. As fossil fuel byproducts are viewed as the best wrongdoers of contamination and a dangerous atmospheric devation, governments (read: lawmakers) are zeroing in consideration on the carbon exchanging banter.

The crucial thought behind carbon exchanging is that organizations will dirty less on the off chance that they need to pay for contaminating. Since guidelines are viewed as a less undermining, if not a more inconspicuous, technique than the immediate strategy for imposing assessments, government officials consider this to be a simpler hand to play with organizations with an end goal to require business progress to a greener world.

Adroitly, carbon exchanging works this way. An administration permits organizations to buy a limited measure of carbon credits as a designation. Organizations would then be able to utilize this portion for fossil fuel byproducts without bringing about a punishment. Nonetheless, if a business runs out of credits it actually needs to deliver fossil fuel byproducts, the business is liable for finding another business that is happy to sell them a carbon credit. The dirtying business purchases the credits from the non-contaminating business, while it changes to less dirtying assets.

If a business can’t buy extra credits from another business, the organization won’t have the option to deliver additional contaminations, easy. As opposed to confront being accused for closing down organizations and tossing individuals out of occupations, when organizations make the progress to a greener world, a few governments plan to at first set a level at which they will sell the required credits

The following inquiry, obviously, is: How are fossil fuel byproducts designated? At first, the public authority decides how much industry will be permitted to contaminate and sets a carbon limit for its discharges. At that point after some time, the public authority brings down the cap. The reason is that in the long run the public authority will diminish the cap to a base that will permit business to proceed with its activities (without harming or crushing the nation’s current organizations and occupation base) while encouraging it change to a more up to date, greener world. Again the subtleties of how the assignment by singular organization will be done are lacking in subtleties and steps and long on trust us, your cordial legislators and officials to make the best decision.

Advocate Viewpoint:

A few advocates discover carbon exchanging to be a preferred strategy over different activities (for example a carbon charge) in that carbon exchanging doesn’t need as much government association as a portion of the other proposed thoughts do. While at first organizations would not notification much change in their capacity to deliver fossil fuel byproducts, they will start to make changes as the cap brings down. Simultaneously, this steady methodology will give organizations the time expected to assess their present practices according to embracing green strategies. Backers accept that organizations will bring measures to eliminate contamination to get a good deal on future carbon exchanging, yet it requires some serious energy.

A few hippies and government authorities additionally like unrestricted economy environmentalism. They feel it gives organizations a bigger number of decisions than carbon charges and different guidelines. Moreover, they propose that this technique is less expensive for organizations than a carbon charge.

Rival Viewpoint:

Rivals say in the event that you like the Internal Revenue Service, you will adore carbon exchanging. Since there are no principles and guidelines to date, cynics contend that carbon exchanging will be drafted by unremarkable administrators who will bear no obligation regarding the expenses or issues they make for organizations that need to follow subjective carbon exchanging directs.

In all decency, it requires to be brought up that advocates hesitantly concede that there is no successful structure for managing carbon exchanging. Current endeavors have significant blemishes. Also, fundamental carbon exchanging, also carbon charge, proposition appear to be chockablock loaded with favors for political lobbyist companions.

In the interim, certain organizations say they need to deliver poisons to adequately run existing organizations and that they can not promptly supplant their plants and retrain labor forces. They likewise question why their items will cost generously more than imports conveyed from nations with few norms and limitations, and consequently less expensive costs. Truth be told, numerous organizations contend that they are being punished with regards to rivaling nations that are less worried about consenting to worldwide and administrative carbon decrease rules and guidelines.

Late history shows controllers are hesitant to permit organizations to give these administrative required extra expenses to purchasers. Making an already difficult situation even worse, the Internal Revenue Service has taken a place that essentially quickens when incomes are available and defers when costs are permitted as expense allowances, on these extra expenses.

What we have is a logjam where one bunch of government officials and administrators will constrain business to roll out costly improvements, while the other set advantageously makes it hard to recuperation those expenses. Lawmakers like carbon exchanging charge since consolidating circuitous duties with an absence of responsibility shields them from obligation in excess of a more obvious carbon charge.

Know that legislative administration favors a greener world through carbon exchanging and harder guidelines, large numbers of which are untested and weighed down with political pork. What this carbon exchanging banter is highlighting is the desperation for organizations to start arranging NOW for the certainty of a greener world and the planned and unintended outcomes of practicing environmental awareness. One thing is without a doubt: there will be champs and washouts.

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Technology Blogs For Latest Computer and Tech News

The modern world has been overtaken by technology of all kinds, shapes and sizes. Everyday, the inventors, scientists and other technological geniuses are coming up with some new thing. These people believe that whatever they invent will help the people in society by making life better in a whole lot of different ways.

Case in point: the mobile phones. Way back then, the only phones were those landlines in the houses, stores or offices etcetera. However, inventors thought that it would be a terrific idea to have a small and portable phone that you can use anytime and anywhere, especially during emergencies. fintechzoom That is how they came up with the idea of the mobile phone. And yet, the inventors are still coming up with ways to make these mobile phones work better; become more efficient and even more technologically advanced.

There are a lot more inventions and advances to technology that being generated on a daily basis. It actually makes it difficult for people to keep track of them. However, other technological inventions – the computer and the World Wide Web – have made it possible for those people who crave the latest in technological news and updates to get a heads up. This is through a technology web log.

To the uninitiated, a web log or blog is a kind of website that was created by at least one person and puts up web posts. These web posts are simply articles, essays or commentaries about certain topics, a description of events or a diary of sorts. It also makes it possible to post pictures videos and music on to the website. There are many different kinds of blogs that cater to many different fields. The technological field is just one of them.

The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of different kinds of web blogs that are centered on technology, specifically talking about the latest in computer and tech news. One of the best ways to look for great blogs is through the use of an internet search engine that targets blogs such as Technorati, which has an index of about 112.8 million blogs that you can choose from.

However, you might not have the time to do a thorough search and want something on hand right away. For instance, websites like has links to various blogs such as Deep Tech, which offers the latest trends in technology. Another great blog is, which gives you up-to-the-minute tech and gadget news, as well as tech forums and shopping options. has a list of hand-picked and finest technology and gadget news that target the hip and cool audiences while showing the most practical must-haves. Other excellent blogs that gives you great content include,,


Business Real-estate Investment

Business Real-estate Investment

The particular economic market greats could be the initial to share with an individual in which real-estate investment gets the prospective to create inside significant income. They are going to furthermore gleefully notify you the hazards sometimes significantly outweigh the particular prospective, particularly when they may be on the list of a lot more mindful buyers on the market. Whoever has produced their particular performance inside real-estate nonetheless can inform you in which buying real-estate will probably be worth each ounces regarding chance once you find a way to function with the particular difficult sections and also stay on course to be Budapest short term rentals
able to real-estate investment performance.

Business real-estate will be relatively special between owning a home sorts. Here is the form of real-estate that will require a top purchase to find yourself in the sport, greater as compared to many household house and also positions just as fantastic hazards according to everything you program regarding the business owning a home. Needless to say you’ll locate many selections for the business owning a home that numerous buyers locate interesting.

Many buyers locate procurment business office or perhaps constructing area being the particular most dependable approach to acquire in terms of real-estate investment could be the way regarding procurment a workplace or perhaps storage place area to be able to organizations. They will believe that it is a comparatively regular revenue stream due to the fact many organizations choose to retain their particular places provided that achievable. Intelligent companies are usually properly mindful in which consumers, consumers, and also distributors will need in order to see them to carry out enterprise using them and also that is why, choose to retain their particular enterprise inside the identical place whenever feasible as opposed to reestablishing by themselves in numerous places year in year out.

Business real-estate investment will be a diverse dog as compared to standard household real-estate in which most of us tend to be common or perhaps more comfortable with. You need to carry out plenty of study just before bouncing inside together with equally toes using this type of type of owning a home. Business real-estate assets usually takes about several varieties. Coming from deprive shopping malls and also straight up stores to be able to enterprise and also professional things to be able to heavens scrapers and also large go up condo properties you’ll find almost all method of business real-estate passions. Whether or not the passions rest in operation or perhaps private forms of business real-estate you can find considerable income in which endure being produced.

Sadly, novices usually get the way to business real-estate investment stuffed together with thorns. You will require a huge share to invest in the business real-estate pastimes and it’s also possibly finest when you can locate a small grouping of buyers so that you can discuss a number of the hazards. Real-estate, inside and also regarding alone, can be a high-risk opportunity. Business real-estate contains a tad bit more with the hazards initially nonetheless when you might be proven and the ones, specifically buyers, realize the identify you’ll find in which way to real-estate success is significantly less difficult received by means of business real-estate, in the event you enjoy the charge cards proper as compared to a great many other forms of real-estate investment.

To generate a whole lot larger income it’s far better perform within any staff regarding buyers in terms of business real-estate investment. Not merely can this process disseminate the particular hazards to varying degrees but in addition aids get the excellent will buy, advances the particular labour swimming, generates a host regarding tips, and also lets you jump people tips away from the other person searching for temperance and also passion regarding associates of one’s purchase party inside just like actions. This is a good plan for many who want to create a booming upcoming in neuro-scientific business real-estate investment and also can be hugely rewarding for many required.

Business real-estate investment can be hugely scary in the event you help it become. Steer clear of getting oneself in times in which you’re feeling uncontrollable or perhaps entirely not comfortable to your initial business owning a home yet when you have the particular signifies, the purchase price will be proper, the offer is apparently sound, and you also sense you might be all set for your concern, business real-estate income can be quite a significant determination.




Does a Right Place & Wrong Time Exist in Reality?

Dude was going to back right over my wife and I.

Only anticipatory evasive action avoided a nasty collision between ourselves and the reversing auto but what intrigued me was the perfectly coordinated occurrence of the situation.

Normally, this would be no cause for alarm but this was the second time that day and fifth time in the same week that we had perfectly intersected with vehicles entering or leaving their driveways. Over a three week period, this unnerving experience occurred eleven times and then something even weirder happened.

The effect stopped completely.

Walking now felt very strange – after Járórács several perfectly timed intersections between ourselves and driveway automobiles for weeks, we were now encountering vehicles two to three seconds before or after we passed. Something had changed and I couldn’t help but wonder what it was…

Everybody Look What’s Going Down

These incidents caused me to ponder whether there is an underlying time-line structure to reality, perhaps something similar to lunar tides but revealing itself only through coincidental events. To me, it felt like this impinging synchronistic force was acting upon our minds through an Emotional Grid that somehow allowed us to tune in to space and time and recognize unconnected yet meaningful coincidences.

My research on this subject turned up Professor J.E. Littlewood who totally disagrees with me. He says unlikely events are actually quite normal occurrences.

In fact, he has developed a theory called Littlewood’s Law which suggests that miracles happen regularly, its just that we don’t recognize them as being extraordinary so they do not register in our consciousness.

Its JE’s view is that exceptional events occur with a frequency of one in a million so if we imagine that humans experience one event per second for eight hours a day, Littlewood’s Law predicts it will take approximately 35 days to realize one miracle. That equals about 11 miracles per year and is quite a bit less than the pile of improbable events my wife and I encountered in our daily walks.

What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks

My hypothesis is similar with another more famous believer’s concept of the possibility of an underlying structure of space / time, the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, who eighty years ago championed his concept of an similarly experiential force he called synchronicity.

Carl postulated that his mysterious organizing principle revealed accusal yet meaningful coincidences which might be indicators of a overarching structure which governs human consciousness. Today, quantum physics proves that observers definitely effect whatever they view so perhaps old Carl was onto something.

The Emotional Grid I am imagining resembles a steadily beating universal drum to which we can entrain ourselves and “go with the flow” or conversely, as in our vehicle intersecting example, can step “out of time” with. Maybe this is what we are talking about when we say “being in the right place at the right time”.

It is my contention that this force exists in the same manner of several other powerful and invisible forces we have discovered. For example:

1. Move The World? Okay, Watch This – the discovery of leverage to multiply the force applied to another object has enabled mankind to perform feats of strength that previously would have been determined impossible.

2. Y-Y-Y You Got The Beat – music exists as an invisible time based motivating force, more of which is discovered daily.

3. Covert Killers Dropping Deadly Deeds – although bacteria were discovered in 1676 by Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, it wasn’t until the late nineteenth century that our understanding of them progressed to the point where we could counteract their effects on our bodies.

4. They See Right Through You – X-rays were originally discovered by Fernando Sanford in 1891 and Nicolas Tesla warned against prolonged exposure to these new rays so that folks could live to understand how dangerously beneficial they could be.

There’s no doubt history has proven that we are surrounded by mysterious and unseen forces which, once discovered, can dramatically raise both our level of awareness of the true nature of reality and our enjoyment of life.

Bat Signal On Cloud Nine

Some folks who seem to be favored by evolution appear more attuned to existence which allows them to take advantage of cycles while successfully interpreting hints from from unfolding events. Without understanding what may actually be happening, we call these people lucky or blessed to describe their uncanny good fortune.

Regardless of the names we pin on it, I intend to explore the force I call The Emotional Grid because I get the feeling there is really something there worth understanding.

And maybe, when we are able to comprehend the power I have described, it will help us stay out of our own way.

Thank you, friend.

Barry Williams

Business mistakes cost money and heartache. Much of it is unnecessary.

My Blog – Crossing The Line: Business Mistakes You Must NOT Make provides short articles on what to avoid in order to succeed in enterprise and life.




Mass acceptance of bikini 2021

Réard’s organization collapsed in 1988,[109] four years after his death.[110] Meanwhile, the swimsuit had become the most mainstream beachwear around the planet. As per French design student of history Olivier Saillard, this was because of “the force of ladies, and not the force of fashion”.[9] By 1988 the two-piece made up almost 20% of bathing suit deals, more than some other model in the US,[85] however one-piece suits made a rebound during the 1980s and mid 1990s.[110] In 1997, Miss Maryland Jamie Fox turned into the first hopeful in quite a while to contend in a two-piece bathing suit at the Miss America Pageant.[111] Actresses in real life films like Blue Crush (2002) and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (2003) made the two-piece “what might be compared to the force suit”, as indicated by Gina Bellafonte of The New York Times,

comprar biquíni

As indicated by Beth Dincuff Charleston, research partner at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, “The swimsuit addresses a social jump including body cognizance, moral concerns, and sexual attitudes.”[38] By the mid 2000s, two-pieces had become a $811 million business yearly, as per the NPD Group, a customer and retail data company,[108] and had supported side project administrations like two-piece waxing and the sun tanning industries.[7] The principal two-piece historical center on the planet is being underlying Bad Rappenau in Germany.[112] The improvement of swimwear from 1880 to the present is introduced on 2,000 square meters of display space.[113]

By 2017, the worldwide swimwear market was esteemed at US$18,5 billion with a build yearly development pace of 6.2%.[114] Part of the expanded utilization of two-pieces and swimwears can be credited to influencers who advance and embrace different brands around the year.[115] Soccer player and top rated creator Mo Isom portrays it as, “We’re overflowed with Instagram swimsuit pics.”[116] It was assessed in 2016 that in 2019 the USA would be the biggest swimwear market (US$10 billion), trailed by Europe (US$5 billion), Asia-Pacific (US$4 billion) and Middle East and Africa (around 1 billion).[117]

Outside the Western world

Topmodel Africa challenger in Harare

Indian model wearing swimsuit with saree

Youthful Middle Eastern lady in swimsuit

Japanese music symbol Yuki Ishihara

The 1967 film An Evening in Paris is generally recalled on the grounds that it included Bollywood entertainer Sharmila Tagore as the main Indian entertainer to wear a swimsuit on film.[118][119] She additionally presented in a two-piece for the reflexive Filmfare magazine.[120][121] The outfit stunned a traditionalist Indian audience,[122] yet it likewise put into action a pattern conveyed forward by Zeenat Aman in Heera Panna (1973) and Qurbani (1980),[123] Dimple Kapadia in Bobby (1973),[123] and Parveen Babi in Yeh Nazdeekiyan (1982).[123][124] Indonesian entertainer Nurnaningsih’s two-piece clad photographs were broadly dispersed in mid 1950s, however she was restricted in Kalimantan.[125][126][127]

Indian ladies for the most part wear two-pieces when they excursion abroad or in Goa without the family. Be that as it may, notwithstanding the moderate thoughts common in India, two-pieces likewise become more well known in summer when ladies, from Bollywood stars to the working class, take up swimming, frequently in a public space.[128][129] A great deal of tankinis, shorts and single-piece bathing suits are sold in the summer,[128] alongside genuine swimsuits and bandeaukinis.[130] The most extreme deals for two-pieces occur in the colder time of year, the special night season.[128] For more inclusion, originators Shivan Bhatiya and Narresh Kukreja designed the two-piece saree promoted by TV anchor Mandira Bedi.[130]


5 Strategies to Successful Cash Flow Management

5 Strategies to Successful Cash Flow Management

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How can you predict, avoid and/or, minimize the impact of a cash emergency? Managing cash flow is every manager’s challenge, every day, every year. Those managers who keep a close eye on their daily activity and emerging industry trends can help reduce their company’s exposure to the chill of a cash crunch. In an increasingly competitive world, you need to be alert.

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Copyright 2006 John J Reddish

Managing cash flow is every manager’s challenge, every day, every year. Those managers who keep a close eye on their daily activity and emerging industry trends can help reduce their company’s exposure to the chill of a cash crunch.

How can you predict, avoid and/or, minimize the impact of a cash emergency?

First, pay attention when any cash shortages arise. When cash gets short, pay close attention and be prepared to act. Questions to be answered include:

1. What caused the problem? Pre-payments to take advantage of special discounts can reduce cash. Transportation strikes, for example, could delay shipments and therefore payments. An industry (or economy) slowdown will often result in customers stretching out their payables.

2. How can you cope? If cash on hand is not robust, let the special discounts go. It’s usually more cost-effective to pass on a discount than to borrow to overcome a shortfall. Keep up on the news. If you hear about any threatened strikes and/or disruptions to your supply chain, make sure you have a back-up position. Even if temporarily more expensive, it can save your business by showing your customers your reliability and versatility in challenging times. If your customers are in industries facing hard economic times, keep closer tabs on your credit policies and be active in collections. If necessary, tighten credit terms, but use discretion. Being firm but supportive to your customers will go a long way in keeping them in the fold while still giving you a better cash flow. Defer purchases and/or negotiate extended payments if cash gets short.

Most importantly, document both the signals of problems and your solutions. That way, if the signals happen again, you can refer to prior successful action as a first possible solution.

Imagine possible, but normally unpredictable cash flow challenges. Some problems can’t be anticipated, so “what if” scenarios can be created. You don’t have to get elaborate, but you can ask what would happen if there were a flood, or, as we’ve experienced more recently, a devastating hurricane. What then? Other problems, such as “product sabotage” can only be dealt with as they occur. Constructing possible scenarios to reduce risks associated with “unforeseeable” problems is an important management tool. Learn from, and document, each experience, or you may have to repeat it.

Second, watch sales. Any prolonged (and “prolonged” computes differently for each company and industry) drop in sales without a comparable — and simultaneously emerging — reduction in expenses is a prescription for trouble. Of course, there is at usually some lag between sales changes and a compensating contraction in expenses, but early diagnosis can reduce the negative impacts significantly. Once a changing trend has been identified, act promptly or the impact of the lag will be more severe.

Third, review the budget. If short-term borrowing is regularly needed to meet normal operating costs, the unavailability of such loans or a sudden change in operating expense could be devastating.

If ongoing operations cannot be supported by sales, either more sales are needed, fewer expenses must be incurred or a combination of the two is in order. While this sounds very simple, all too many companies hesitate “in hopeful anticipation.” If remedies are not introduced on a timely basis, a severe cash crunch could follow.

Fourth, keep a close eye on new product development. In many companies, R&D expenditures for new products are often allowed far greater variance from projected budgets than normal expenditures. After all, when you create something new, it is really hard to accurately predict costs — or turnaround time — at the outset.

Failure to keep these costs, and time commitments, within bounds or monitor their continuing impact and cost/benefit can lead to continued funding of projects well beyond when they should be cut off. Overall cash flow can be easily drained into a seemingly bottomless pit, and often an entire company is jeopardized by one errant project.

Fifth, beware of pet projects. A pet project is any organizational activity undertaken for ego value rather than consistency with the organization’s mission and profit targets. Pet projects, whether new ventures or ongoing cost/profit centers, can often lead to cash flow problems. All organizations have pet projects from time to time. Failure to recognize and deal with a pet project when a cash crunch looms has been the death knell for many companies.

Many cash flow challenges have such simple origins. Often it’s simply a matter of days, or weeks and they can creep up on you. And the daily grind can cloud your vision, encourages false hope or distract you just long enough for problems to take hold. You can learn from past and/or current cash shortages. You can be watchful that sales, budget and R&D costs stay in line. You can keep a lid on pet projects. In an increasingly competitive world, you need to be alert.


10 Things you should know before buying a business in California

10 Things you should know before buying a business in California

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Quantum Business Solutions Network is a full service Southern California business consulting and licensed brokerage firm. Quantum Business Solutions Network is comprised of professionals that combine valuation, financial, marketing, legal, accounting, tax and transactional structuring expertise to initiate, execute and consummate business acquisition and divestiture transactions.

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Indian Evisa

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The decision of buying a business is a very crucial one and should be made only after reviewing all the information available. A buying decision should be made only after all the doubts and uncertainties are removed and you are able to anticipate all of the obstacles that stand before you. There are some essential points to consider when considering the purchase of a California business.

Following are 10 important points, which if kept in mind, can help you as a business buyer to capitalize on the opportunities that present themselves before you.

  1. Purchase the assets and not the entity:
    Unless there are intangibles of the business for sale which are not transferrable and represent substantial value, attempt to buy the assets rather than the entity itself. This is important so that you are not exposed to any liabilities of the business before you acquired it and so that you receive an increased tax basis equal to the amount of consideration you pay rather than what the business may have paid for the asset long ago.
  2. Employ Professionals:
    In order to ensure that the financial and operational representations made to you by the seller are accurate and complete, it is imperative to hire a competent business broker, attorneys, or CPA to assist you with respect to your required due diligence. Furthermore, once you are committed to the purchase and obtain an acceptance of your Letter of Intent (see below), hire a lawyer familiar with business disposition and acquisitions to review the contracts and related documents.
  3. Submit an Offer to Purchase through a Letter of Intent:
    A letter of intent (LOI), typically non-binding, is a two or three page document between the buyer and seller of a business which details all of the material terms and conditions to which both parties would be willing to commit to. It is prudent to discover whether the parties are capable of achieving an agreement BEFORE employing the expensive services of professionals such as attorneys and CPAs, to conduct due diligence and prepare/review documents. Thus, if the parties can “hammer out” the key terms, the professionals can later focus on consummating the transaction.
  4. Accounts Receivables:
    Often times a key asset of any business is its accounts receivable and there may be a substantial balance outstanding at the time of closing. It is not recommended that you purchase the accounts receivable as an asset of the business (in fact, is not typical for the California business buyer to acquire any cash or cash equivalent items in an asset sale); however, you ought to attempt to collect the accounts receivable on behalf of the business seller in order to remain in contact with the customers after the sale and ensure a smooth transition. If you do purchase the accounts receivable you should do so at a discount, the amount of which is dependent on the seller’s past allowance for bad debts, with a right of offset against monies due the seller for uncollectible accounts.
  5. Discover the facts and circumstances surrounding the lease:
    The continued success of the business is often entirely dependent on the existing location of the business (to ensure the maintenance of the existing customer base or the retention of key employees). Accordingly, you must determine the remaining term of the existing lease and if not substantial, confirm with the landlord whether you can obtain a new lease on terms and conditions similar to the past before you buy a California business. Learn whether the seller has a security deposit with the landlord, and if so, that the landlord is so notified in writing.
  6. Determine whether there are any prepaid expenses:
    As mentioned above with respect to the security deposit relating to the lease, prepaid expenses and deposits are usually not included as part of the assets purchased from the California business seller. Therefore, it may be advantageous to define the assets of the business quite broadly at the time you prepare your LOI. If these items are not included, then make sure you get a schedule of “closing adjustments” from the seller and escrow so that you can budget accordingly — since these items are prorated through closing and tacked onto the closing costs.
  7. Pay attention to Bulk Sales Laws and Sales and Payroll Tax Obligations:
    Many states require that the buyer (or escrow agent) of a business publish notification of the business sale to creditors in order to receive the business assets “free and clear” of creditor claims. Similarly, the law in many states allow for the taxing agency to pursue the business assets of the seller for any unpaid taxes unless the seller obtains a “tax clearance certificate.”
  8. Obtain Seller Indemnity and Right of Offset:
    No matter how diligent you are in reviewing the business seller’s records and all available information, there is still a possibility that you will be presented with a claim against the California business which arose before the closing. In that case, it is important to obtain an indemnity provision from the seller of the California Business in the Asset Purchase Agreement. Moreover, if the seller is financing any portion of the transaction, a right of offset will provide the buyer with the right to offset any such claims against monies due the seller.
  9. Negotiate for a Management Assistance Period:
    In order to ensure a smooth and orderly transition of the business following the closing, negotiate for the business seller to remain available after the sale to provide short term training and necessary introductions to customers, clients and vendors. In addition, make sure the business seller remains available thereafter for in person or telephone consultations for issues and matter overlooked during the training period.
  10. Familiarize yourself with Seller’s Employees:
    Before closing escrow and removing the due diligence contingency, meet with each of the business seller’s key employees to ensure they have a desire to remain with the business after the sale. Thus, you can include a provision in the Asset Purchase Agreement that as part of your due diligence, you are entitled to “announce” the proposed California business sale to all employees of the business within 48 hours of the closing to meet and interview the employees to determine, to your reasonable satisfaction, that the employees are willing to continue their employment with the business.

Many times buyers get confused and intimidated by all the procedure involved in the acquisition of a business, especially those who are venturing into the market for the very first time. Hence it is very important that you obtain proper guidance and before investing your valuable money.

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A Picture of Perfection

A Picture of Perfection

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Never work with children or animals… easier said than done when you’re a parent. Over the last few years I have tried many times to get the perfect photograph.

parenting, photography, childrenNew Zealand Tourist Visa

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Never work with children or animals… easier said than done when you’re a parent. Over the last few years I have tried many times to get the perfect photograph. With one child, trial and error often results in an image you are happy with. And with the advent of the digital camera, dud photos are a thing of the past. However, with three children, I’ve finally realised it’s not possible to get the perfect picture, even with the help of a professional photographer!

I recently enlisted the help of such a man for the all-important christening photos. All dressed up and looking the picture of perfection, my husband and I set off with our adorable little troop to the studio!

Upon arrival our eldest took off upstairs with his eldest, our middle one trailing behind.

The baby then decided he absolutely had to be fed! As a breastfeeding mum it was no mean feat undoing my not very practical top to quite literally feed his demand! Eyes averted and a hastily placed teacloth spared some blushes, as we all waited until baby had his fill.

Finally, everyone gathered together, we were ushered into the studio, only for our eldest daughter to put on a display worthy of a two year old – and she is six! Tempers fraying we waited, coaxed and encouraged her to act her age!

Needless to say the session ran into overtime, the photos were hastily shot and as we left we vowed never to put ourselves or any photographer through such an ordeal again!

They say every picture tells a story. We received our pictures with trepidation. Amazingly the photographer had captured some wonderful angelic moments – although we still have some trouble believing the children in the pictures are ours. Maybe some new photographic wizardry replaced sullen angry little people with little shiny happy people.

However it happened, neither of us can look at the pictures without being transported right back to the stress of the day itself.

And so the beautiful photographs languish at the back of the wardrobe until such a time as we can laugh about the situation and our own naivety as parents. We thought it would be easy…


Address Lables – Useful Tips

Address Lables – Useful Tips

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Making address labels for letters and parcels can be a real chore.

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Making address labels for letters and parcels can be a real chore. It’s something that has stood in the way of all sorts of people, whether they are large-scale eBay sellers or simply office workers who need to post a big batch of letters.

What you might not have realised, though, is that making address labels can be easy when you know how. The best way to do it is to compose your letters using a MaCanada Visa
il Merge function in the first place, such as the one that comes with Microsoft Word. This means that your addresses are being stored not in the documents themselves, but in either a spreadsheet or a database. The documents then contain a ‘field’, which is a special area where the program knows the address should go.

Once you have split your addresses from your documents in this way, you should find it much easier to make address labels. All you need to do is open a page and insert a lot of address fields, with a ‘next record’ field in between each one to tell the software not to put in the same address twice. Word has a wizard to help you do this: just go to the File menu, then New, and then choose ‘Mailing Label Wizard’ from under ‘Letters and Faxes’. Point it to your database, and you should be good to go.

The final step in making address labels is a physical one. Sure, you’ve got your fancy software that can make mailing labels, but unless you want to cut the addresses out from pieces of paper and use tape or glue, you’re also going to need to get some sticky labels and put them in your printer. You can obviously find them at any good office supplies or stationery store, but make sure to get a size that Word knows about, so it can lay the labels out correctly for you. You can check the label sizes Word has available in the last stage of the Mailing Label Wizard, after you point it to your database – don’t worry too much, though, as few manufacturers will bother to make labels in a size incompatible with Word.