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Insights Indonesia, privately known as BPS (Indonesian: Badan Pusat Statistik, in a real sense Central Agency on Statistics), is a non-departmental government establishment of Indonesia that is answerable for directing factual overviews. Its primary client is the public authority, yet measurable information is additionally accessible to the general population. Yearly studies incorporate public and common socio-financial matters, fabricating foundations, populace and the workforce.  Agen Pulsa Indonesia

Set up in 1960 as the Central Bureau on Statistics (Indonesian: Biro Pusat Statistik), the foundation is straightforwardly dependable to the President of Indonesia. Its capacities incorporate giving information to other legislative organizations just as to the general population and directing factual reviews to distribute intermittent measurements on economy, social change and improvement. Insights Indonesia additionally helps information handling divisions in other public workplaces to help and to advance standard measurable strategies.


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The Government of the Dutch East Indies, February 1920 The Statistical Office was first settled by the Director of Agriculture and Trade (Directeur van Landbouw Nijverheid en Handel) and was situated in Bogor. In March 1923, a commission called the Commission for Statistics was shaped to speak to individuals from every office. The commission is entrusted with arranging activities to guarantee the accomplishment of solidarity in measurable exercises in Indonesia. On 24 September 1924, the name of the establishment was supplanted by the name Centraal Kantoor voor de Statistiek (CKS) or the Central Statistics Office and the organization was moved to Jakarta.

In June 1942, the Government of Japan reactivated factual exercises zeroed in on gathering the requirements of war/military. CKS was renamed to Shomubu Chosasitsu Gunseikanbu.

On 26 September 1960 the public authority of Indonesia ordered Law No. 7 of 1960 on Statistics as a substitute for Statistiek Ordonantie 1934. The law is the beginning stage of BPS’s excursion in filling freedom in the field of measurements that has been directed under the pilgrim enactment system.[1]

As a substitute for the two laws, Law Number 16 of 1997 concerning Statistics was set up. In light of this Act, which was followed up with enactment underneath it, officially the name of the Central Bureau of Statistics was changed to the Central Bureau of Statistics.[2]

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