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Back in the 1990’s it was pretty difficult to get your hands on high quality equine supplements, quite simply because most of us did not have access to the internet and ecommerce as we know it today did not even exist. Emergence of ecommerce had a massive impact on the equine supplements industry, because we can now choose from hundreds if not thousands of different horse supplements.

This massive choice of products that you can buy today leaves a lot of inexperienced horse riders confused. In this article I would like to clear up some of that confusion and formule talk with you a little bit about the only type of horse supplement that has been proven and tested by time. I want to do talk with you about equine feed balancers and specifically I want to talk with you about different formulations and how they differ from each other.

Balancers for veteran horses

Horse feed balancers for feed balancers for veteran horses have elevated levels of ingredients such as glucosamine or MSM. These active ingredients strengthen and support horse’s joints which is particularly important for older horses. In addition to glucosamine and MSM, most of the veteran feed balancers in today’s market contain probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins and minerals, they also contain biotin which is needed for strong and healthy hooves and magnesium.

Balancers for horses that are involved in competitive horse riding disciplines

While balancers for veteran horses have elevated levels of glucosamine and MSM, most of the performance products contain elevated levels of minerals such as iron and copper. In this equine community these minerals are known as blood building minerals, because it has been proven and tested by time that supplementation with iron and copper increase the number of red blood cells within the blood.

By increasing the number of red blood cells you would improve the efficiency of oxygen around the horses body into the working muscles which is really important for those horses that are involved in competitive horse riding disciplines. In addition to this, people who have horses with very high workloads should also look into performance feed balancers.

Balancers for everyday horses

There are also balancers that are designed for everyday use. These types of feed balancers are the best for those people who ride their horses for recreational reasons. They are simply just like multi-vitamin supplements for humans, because they contain all of the essential vitamins and minerals that a horse needs to be healthy and strong.

For more information about different types of feed balancers, and it does not matter whether you want to learn about feed balancers for veteran horses, performance feed balancers or balancers for everyday use check

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