In a World Full of Scams That Offer Free Movies

I’ve ran across many scams on the internet, just like I’m sure you have as well. They’re all over the place. You literally cannot type anything into the Google, MSN, or Yahoo! search engines without running across some bogus squeeze page just looking to get your contact information or some half baked pyramid scheme that wants to milk you of every last dollar you have.

And let’s be honest, these days with rising prices on gas, groceries, and pretty much everything else that is vital to your every day life… we just can’t afford to be cheated out of a single dollar. The Watchdog has been a victim of such sites that claim to offer free and complete dvd quality movie download, free full version PC games, mp3’s, etc. And even some of these newer sites that claim to offer great things like free cable and satellite TV channels. Most of them offered the world and didn’t deliver on a single thing that they said they would, just simply leaving him with a bad taste in his mouth and less money in his pocket than before.

This is why he started his online blog which warns you of risks you can run across on the internet as well as which products are out there that are trustworthy and truly do deserve your time and money. He’s not the only one, as there are lots of people making Squidoo and Hubpages sites that are trying to sway you away from the shady sites that are out there. I recommend you take a look at a few of them before you whip your credit card out on any purchase…

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