Dish Network’s Free Digital Satellite Equipment

Dish Network‘s offer of free digital satellite equipment – including a Digital Video Recorder – with professional installation in up to 4 rooms makes satellite tv service affordable for everyone. The only charge to the subscriber is for programming selections. Dish Network, owned and operated by EchoStar Communications, maintains a fleet of 10 satellites that transmit 100 percent digital signals to home receivers all over the United States. Signals are converted through a receiver/decoder to either standard or high definition resolution format recognizable by all standard televisions. High definition receivers and programming are available for high definition TV sets.

Crystal-clear images and excellent clarity sound (CD quality or Dolby Surround sound) are guaranteed with no interference. High definition viewing is like watching a movie in a theater or watching the action from an open window – it is like being there – you can see everything in your line of vision. The Dishnet DVR just makes life better. It enables you to record and store favorites for viewing at a later time. Create a library of favorite movies, music, or sports events – up to 100 hours. Record one program while watching another on a different channel, or create your own instant replay for enjoyment over and over. Live programming may be paused and resumed without missing a second of the action for those unexpected interruptions – phone calls or answering the door. A Parental Control button is included that allows blocking of inappropriate programming – title, rating, or content. Dish TV puts the owner in control over what, when, and how television is viewed in the privacy of their home. How much better can it get? Lots – Dishnet programming is extraordinary

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