Chinese New Year – Year of the Rabbit

There was a flood of firecrackers as the Chinese New Year commenced on February 3, 2011! Maybe the main occasion in the Chinese culture, this occasion runs for over about fourteen days, finishing just before the fifteenth day with the customary “Light Festival.” Over the course of the festival, families and networks meet up to wish each other bliss, abundance and life span through various exercises including setting off firecrackers and firecrackers.

On the primary day of the Chinese New Year, sparklers are lit all at once as an approach to alarm away terrible spirits and usher in success. These wafers are quite often red, the representative shade of best of luck during the season. On the off chance that you are meandering the roads during one of the merriments, you’ll doubtlessly hear the poppity-pop-flying of these well known fireworks. In addition to the fact that they are lit off by the long string brimming with sparklers melded, they can likewise be set off in “festival rolls” that include a great many saltines.

There nothing unexpected that you’d discover sparklers and different firecrackers at a Chinese New Year celebration; firecrackers were concocted in antiquated China all things considered! Reports state that more than 1000 years back, a Chinese cook unintentionally made blasting bamboo or “pao chuk” by stuffing synthetic compounds into a lump of bamboo and throwing it into the fire! Since the noisy clamor surprised observers and close by creatures, they were joined into functions as an approach to startle off malicious elements, particularly the soul “Nian.” Nian was accepted to eat individuals and yields, and consequently driving him off with red fireworks would make life much for glad and prosperous for the residents.

Beside seeing sparkler being set across towns and urban communities in China, there are numerous spots in the US where fireworks are joined into the Chinese New Year festivity. For instance, New York City ordinarily lifts its restriction on fireworks to take into account presentations of countless sparklers to go off in Chinatown’s Chatham Square. During the tremendous San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade, revelers appreciate a lot of firecrackers to make the night an impact. A considerable lot of the vivid Lion Dances and Dragon Dances that are performed during this time are interspersed with heaps of sparklers too.

Weapon Hay Fat Choy! (Glad New Year!) Happy firecrackers!

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