Discover Card Cashback Bonus

This is the beauty of Discover card CashBack Bonus program. You get cash rewards with every purchase! Through your Discover Business card you receive a Bonus of 5% on office supplies, 2% on gas and 1% on other purchases. You earn 1% on other purchases when your total annual purchases exceed $5000. This includes $2000 purchase each on office supplies and gas. On other purchases less than $5000 you earn 0.25%.

You receive unlimited rewards on your Discover More card. For charging your card in department and home improvement stores, in restaurants, in pet stores, and for gas, you earn CashBack Bonus of 5%. For purchases through online retailers, such as ShopDiscover, your Bonus earnings could be between 5% and 20%. Of course, you receive 1% bonus on other purchases as per the Rules and Regulations of Discover Financial Services.

How It Works

When the time for redemption comes you can convert your Bonus earnings in bigger rewards. Discover has more than 100 brand name partners for gift cards. For every gift card you purchase, Discover does not charge you purchase fee and mailing charges. Donate to a charity through your cash rebates, such as American Red Cross and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and discover will add 20% to your amount. Other ways of redeeming your CashBack Bonus is by crediting it to your Discover card account – but in increments of $50. Credit your bonus amounts, but in increments of $50, to your bank account electronically.

To examine your CashBack Bonus rewards you can log into your account through the account center and select the Statements page. If you have not yet registered for the account center now is the time to do it. It is safe and easy. Your latest Bonus earnings are displayed on the first page of your monthly statement.

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