How MLM & 7 Figure Top Tier Online Marketers

If you’re an MLM or Top Tier online marketer you want to turn your list into cash. You see, if you have a 2% click through rate and a 20%-25% capture rate on your website, you’re doing pretty darn good. If you’re a newbie, wait until you have at least 50 impressions before analyzing whether or not you are at 2%.

Now that you have them, you want them to continue coming back for more, monetize them. Create a warm, unique, personal and professional experience. Do this via broadcast emails.

Statistically you have 1 to 7 send top up to Philippines days to capture your lead after they opt in. After the 7 days, if they don’t unsubscribe due to laziness, you have a very low chance of converting them.

So in those few days, make sure they count.

Many of us treat our list like a delicate baby. We are so concerned about them unsubscribing that we don’t do enough to convert.

Seven figure earners send 2 to 3 broadcast emails a week. Varying the content from personal branding, to hosted webinars, to videos, pictures or simple articles.

Everyone is attracted to something different, so make sure you aren’t leaving anyone out. If you do, you will be out too. Out of the money that is.

So instead of treating it like a delicate baby, treat it like a newly seeded lawn. Water, water, water until the grass starts to grow. Some seeds will blow away while others will grow to be rich and green. Just how we like our team!

Don’t be concerned about the ones that blow away, stay focused on the ones that prosper and work on growing others.

In MLM and Top Tier Direct Network Marketing, it is not all about selling your product or opportunity. It is also about creating value to your prospects, showing you are a leader, an authority figure or as Mike Dillard would say,”A Magnetic Sponsor”. This will make them want to be part of your team no matter what you sell.

Find out how to get deep into the hearts of your list in, “How 7 Figure MLM & Top Tier Online Marketers Turn Their List Into Cash Part 2.”

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