Want To Lose Weight? Understand Your Body Type

Many of us have the same question, what is obesity and what causes it? Obesity is a serious medical condition. This occurs when there is an imbalance in calories and the results are many times attributed to factors environmentally and genetically.

In the 80’s, there were literally half of the number of American’s suffering from obesity as there is today. The alarming fact is that those Americans who are overweight or obese has literally doubled in the last two decades. If you look state by state, the state of California sits at number 36 when it comes to adults suffering from obesity and number 32 when it comes to children suffering from obesity. That is 22.7% of adults and 13.2% for children.

Want to hear another alarming fact? When it comes to deaths from preventable causes, obesity is number two, only after smoking. We all need body fat, it gives us the energy our bodies will later need. It also gives the body some insulation and cushioning from actions such as jumping, walking, or moving in general. However, the best defense in weight loss in knowing your specific body type.

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