Owning Your Diabetes Diagnosis and Health Care Plan

Finding out you have developed Type 2 diabetes can be difficult to handle. It can mean many changes to your lifestyle as you figure out how to best manage it and avoid a number of health complications associated with the disease. You’ll need to follow a healthy meal plan, and may need to take injectable insulin or oral diabetes medications. But the good news is there are so many things you can do to control the disease – and even reverse it with careful conscientious eating habits.

So, how do you take charge of your Type 2 diabetes? Here are some tips you can use to take responsibility for your health and take care of your diabetes…

1. Don’t ignore it. The first step is to not ignore you have high blood sugar levels and pretend like they will go away on their own. This can be hard to do for some people as it’s definitely easier to ignore the presence of the disease than to think about its possible consequences. After all, it’s scary to think about going blind or having a foot amputated. Or maybe you ignore the diagnosis because your symptoms are minor right now and it seems easier to deal with them than to deal with the inconvenience of managing your high blood sugar through lifestyle changes.

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