Signs of Diabetes in Men by a Type 2 Diabetic

Signs of Diabetes in Men

Signs of diabetes in men, you might think would be an easy subject. But from a man who has been diagnosed as having type 2 diabetes, it is clear that it is not that simple.

It could be said that my own case study is a typical example of a man being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. My visit to the doctor was due to tiredness and chest discomfort, it was only after I was diagnosed that someone said that my breath had been smelling a bit sweet for a while so you might say that the latter could be listed as one of the signs of diabetes in men but this would also apply to the female sex.

It would appear that there are no typical signs of diabetes in men that can be picked up on; diabetes is more often diagnosed as a result of blood being tested for some other condition and the results showing an above normal blood glucose level. In other words there is sugar in the blood that the body is failing to absorb and use.

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