The Good News About a Diabetes Diagnosis

Is a diabetes diagnosis all doom and gloom? It is certainly a wake-up call! But surprisingly enough, it can help people revert to a better lifestyle, stop making excuses, find new friends and feel fitter than they have for months.

Which is not to suggest that either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes is desirable; if you have been warned of possible Type 2 diabetes, do everything you can to avoid the diagnosis. It’s easier and safer in the long run!

Perhaps because diabetes is promoted as a disease that can be managed, some people do not realise that the complications of having it can be debilitating and critical. Anyone given the option of good health over poor health will surely choose the former?

About five months before I became diabetic, I started swimming daily. This was because an old knee injury had made it increasingly difficult for me to walk. For a year, I barely moved from my desk. Every step was agonising. Instead of getting the problem sorted out, I self-medicated and allowed it to become worse.

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