African American Entrepreneurialism and Social Media Marketing

Do you have a business you would like to market to black consumers? Are you looking for effective marketing tools that will bring in your targeted consumers? Are you looking for a huge volume of potential customers? Social media marketing is the wave of the future for product advertising, and companies are flocking to this new form of advertising. Did you know there are currently over 1.73 billion people on-line with millions more to come on-line in the next few years? This is a staggeringly high number of potential consumers, whatever your product might be.

African-American Black Media Entrepreneurialism is at an all-time high. African-American consumerism is also at an all-time high. Large corporations are tracking this information and successfully marketing to their black consumers, both with traditional marketing campaigns and also with the most effective on-line marketing: Social Media Marketing.

Although there certainly are more than four large companies marketing and campaigning successfully to African- Americans, here are four highly recognizable names, who are using not only traditional (and expensive) marketing means, but who have also embraced the Social Media Marketing frenzy and have made it an extremely profitable method of advertising.

1. Proctor and Gamble: Proctor and Gamble figured out that Black women spend up to three times more of their disposable income on health and beauty products than any other race. What did they do to capitalize on this information? They created the “My Black is Beautiful” website on Facebook, which now has over 55,000 members.

2. Wells Fargo Bank: It acquired Wachovia Bank, which was deeply rooted in Black communities in the southeast and has managed to build upon that already established relationship. Wells Fargo Bank has also partnered with the National Black MBA Association for a fourth year in an effort to honor African-American entrepreneurs. Wells Fargo can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

3. Verizon: Not only does Verizon have 20% African-Americans on their workforce, but they estimate that 24% of their new hires will be Black. Verizon has also figured out that African-Americans talk and text an average of 1300 minutes per month and have managed to capitalize successfully on this statistic. They also give back to the African-American community in a big way: They have given away more than $28 million in grants that have benefited Black communities. You can find Verizon on all the Social Media sites promoting their products.

4. Home Depot: “Girls’ Night Out” took on a whole new meaning this past summer. In an effort to appeal to Black women homeowners, Home Depot invited women in for do-it-yourself tips on home repair, maintenance and home projects. They also offered a $15,000.00 grant program for on-campus upgrades and improvements at Black Colleges and Universities. Home Depot can be found on all social media networks and to date, their campaign has been very successful.

As you can see, if the large (and hugely successful) companies are turning to Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, it is a clear indicator as to how well these methods of advertising can work.

If Twitter, Facebook and MySpace are working for the big guys, doesn’t it make sense that they will work for you?

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