Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament Strategy – How To Play QQ

A pair of queens is considered to be a premium hand along with AA and KK. QQ is played similar to most premium hands by raising three to four times the big blind in any position. Raising pre-flop puts pressure on the weaker hands to fold. QQ is a little more difficult to play than AA and KK since an ace or king may flop. On any flop, you should make a continuation bet about three quarters of the pot size. When an ace or king flops, you should proceed with caution.

On the turn, it is probably best to check down your hand on a flop with ace or king. On flops without an ace or king, you should continue to play aggressively. Continue betting the turn and river against opponents who are probably holding weaker hands. Sometimes you will have to fold QQ against opponents who show strength. Past observation of your opponent should give you enough information to put your opponent on a hand.

Most players will simply check and call with a weaker hand. If your opponent raises you, think about the possible hands he could be holding. Many times an opponent will call pre-flop with a pocket pair and hit three of a kind. It is your job to get a read on your opponent and decide if he has three of a kind. It is not enough to simply guess, you must have reason to fold your hand. Experience will allow you to spot situations where you should give up the pot. Pay attention to all of your opponents and the cards will play themselves.


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