The E Code by Joe Vitale and Jo Han Mok – Book Review

Title and AuthorThe E Code by Joe Vitale and Jo Han Mok

Synopsis of Content:

These two internet entrepreneurs wrote a book by only writing a bit of it. They solicited articles from various other internet marketers and then assembled them all together in a single book. The book contains 44 chapters, some only two or three pages in length, others longer. Of these Vitale and Mok only wrote or co-wrote 10. The other 34 were submitted by others. The book focuses on various internet marketing strategies. For the person new to internet marketing the book is a great introduction to many ideas that for the most part have been around for awhile. A couple articles are actually a bit dated. A few things are really fresh. The authors in part use the very book they are writing as a big lesson on how to collaborate with others to quickly create a useful information product to sell. They therefore “wrote” the book in a few hours. In reality they are more editors and compilers than authors and this is not a new concept in the publishing world. The book ends with a self styled “bonus” set of chapters by marketer Terry Dean. These may be the most valuable part of the book. Unless you are a highly experienced internet marketer you will learn a lot reading through these articles even though you may find some of the materials on newspaper advertising of little use.

Readability/Writing Quality:

Over all the book is well done. It is easy to read. Most of the chapters are short and to the point. They use lots of lists and sub-headings to keep you organized.

Notes on Author:

Joe Vitale has been around for a long time as a copy writer and marketer. He was a featured “teacher” in the movie and book called The Secret. Mok is a student of Vitale and now a business partner.

Three Great Ideas You Can Use:
1. You can work with others on an internet project, thereby reducing the workload of each participant and pooling talent and information to provide a better and more marketable product. This is the chief lesson from this book – the value of collaboration and joint ventures.

2. Terry Dean’s articles on affiliate marketing at the end of this book are great. You can learn a lot of basic affiliate marketing information from these chapters.


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