Live As Children Of Light

Move from the dark
and in the light let it be formed
if this can really be so
For the fruit may be difficult to touch
as it is only in the spirit that it can come
to be known
In its sparkle it is in their eyes, radiant
gleaming in the temperament of a Christmas day
Clearly there is nothing like it in the flurries of the snow,
virgin forests consisting of the freshest pine,
trekking through the wood, children’s lighting walking upon the land,
festive celebrations in New England in a place
where the pilgrims had come
With sugar plums in their mouths and images in their head
the meaning of their savior is but a glimmer in their eye
as the sacrifices had been made such a long time ago
They can feel the love as many children can,
in their hands they carry ginger bread, in their hearts good will
for their fellow woman and man
In the mountains they experience beauty, the Berkshires, the Green
and the White, in trips to Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire
they could never forget, as the feeling is embedded, they carry it with them
through their life, so preserve the memory don’t ever allow it to disappear,
nestled among the fragrant trees that are followed by the sun,
from fresh flowing streams they may drink water from a spring
and always from the Maritime Provinces up above they receive a refreshing wind,
Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island,
and nearby de la province de Quebec, transcendental thought
like Emerson, Dickinson and Thoreau
For there is something in what these early traditions have always said
as in their divine sensation they shall always understand what is preeminent and good
So take them to the wilderness and foist them upon the ground,
old sod, fertile soil the richness of the earth
In a celebration of nature allow it to be known with hardly a word
they will grasp for truth
Far away from the cities we must run in search of our martyr and our god,
as saintliness is available to children away from their teachers and their guides
Let them sense the spirit for it is felt, as it is from there that they will understand,
the wisdom as it may blow across the land, just like the wind, ceaseless in its effect,
merciful in its consequence, the beauty of the world by the northern seaboard
on the Atlantic coast

Gerald Marchewka is an American freelance writer currently living in Lowell, Massachusetts. His most recent books,”Straight from the Heaven’s: Li Bai’s Poetry in Retrospect”, featuring the illustrations of Seb Fowler, “Poetry for the Beat Generation, Volume l” and “A Series of Fragments – 13 Essays on Mongolia” He may be reached at



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