How To Hire A Content Writer

Have you been struggling to find a qualified writer to provide content for your website, blog, or article marketing campaign? With the explosion of online marketers hitting the scene, content writing is in high demand these days. The need for engaging articles which are also SEO friendly has increased at least ten fold over the past few years.

This demand in the writing industry has attracted many freelancers who are looking to make their money by providing content to this market, however, many marketers often complain that the writers they are finding are providing trash or plagiarized material and those who may have some decent writing skills are either impossible to get in touch with or deliver their goods late.

When you are seeking to hire a content writer justmyfitness  there is great content and there is “you get what you pay for” content. Depending on your needs, you may choose to go with a writer who can provide somewhat average content at a low-ball price. The serious marketer, however, knows better and seeks out a highly qualified writer who can both engage and promote their website, blog, or product.

Before you seek out a content writer, you need to decide which of these you are. For those serious marketers, here are some tips to help you locate a qualified writer and avoid wasting valuable time and money.

Your Content Writer Must Have Experience and Like What They Do

You want to be sure the person you hire to write for you can provide examples, many examples, or their previous writing. They should show a genuine interest in writing and have been doing it both recreationally and professionally. Really good writers love to write. They love to engage the readers and bring them into the fold. If they have been writing for a while, they know how to do this well, and this will lend itself to a much more entertaining and informative piece for you and your readers.

Your Content Writer Has To Be Able To Write For Your Audience

What this means simply is this; if your target is U.S. based, you need to have a writer who speaks and writes with fluent American English. Your readers will notice…trust me! If your readers are mainly women, you will need more of a woman’s perspective, and the same for men. What this does not mean is that you writer has to be from the U.S. in order to write American English well nor does it mean you need a woman only when writing on women’s issues. The important key is that you can connect their writing style with your target audience. You have to be sure about this upfront in order to save yourself valuable time.

Request A Work Sample Specific To You

So many marketers and website owners make the mistake of accepting a pre-written sample when they are interviewing a writer. This is a newbie mistake and will almost always cost you in time or money. To insure the writer you are hiring can fulfill your needs, you need to have them create a sample article, specific to your needs (keywords, products, services, etc) and yes, you will have to pay for it. Serious writers do not give their work away. Besides, it is much better to pay for one bad article than to wait for 10 bad articles to arrive. Even if you don’t like the article, you are out only a small amount of money. Test! Test! Test! Every potential article writer should provide you a custom sample. Ignore this at your own peril!

Your Writer Needs To Be Accessible

Not being able to get in touch with your writer for a critical change or to up your priority is beyond frustrating. Your writer has to be accessible to you in one form or another. Email, Skype, or phone…in any case this is a must! Ask them up front when they are usually available to chat or receive emails and make sure that works for you. You do not want to be trying to reach your writer at 4PM California time only to realize they are fast asleep in Dubai. Settle this in the initial interview to avoid disaster later and speaking of interviews…

Always Conduct An Interview!

Always! You can use Skype or some other chat platform, but do not skip this step. A live interview can detect a number of issues right out of the box including language barriers, connectivity with the internet, misunderstanding of the project, use of proper spelling, etc. This single step can weed out over 60% of potential writers and save you money on the sample article addressed earlier. Do not overlook the importance of this step.

These simple tips will help save you a load of time and money when seeking out a freelance writer and help you find a content writer [] you will love! Ignore them and you will simply be chasing your tail time and time again.



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