Reading and Acting Upon Quranic Teachings to Relieve Stress From Life

You can recuperate your pressure by presenting Quran and by tuning in to the recitation of the Quran.Reciting Quran and understanding the significance will give you harmony and it will consequently eliminate all the cynical sentiments from your heart.

• Memorizing the Quranic stanzas will help calm pressure as well. Allah says “And we have made the Quran straightforward and simple to recollect, at that point is there any who will get rebuke?”

• Once you will begin getting Quran, you will understand this that life is a test.

The catastrophes and challenges that we face all come to us by Allah and we should show restraint in all cases. Allah says that in the event that you notice tolerance during these catastrophes, at that point you will be compensated in reality. What’s more, Allah is consistently there to control the ones who notice persistence.

Discussing Quran with Tajweed:

Learning Tajweed can assist you with disposing of the psychological pressure too. At the point when you recount the refrains of Quran with Tajweed, at that point it can leave a tremendous effect on your spirit. On the off chance that you are inexperienced with the guidelines of Tajweed, you should include yourself in learning it. You will see that discussing Quran with Tajweed will leave a calming impact on your spirit. You can take an assistance of a coach all things considered or you can take help from the Tajweed applications to figure out how to recount Quran the manner in which it ought to be discussed.

Discussing Quran with interpretation:

At the point when you begin discussing Quran with interpretation, it can assist sooth your brain and soul. You begin to become familiar with the importance of life and with the lessons of Islam, on the off chance that you begin cautioning your life, you can see worry running of your life naturally. With the interpretation, you will be quick to apply the directions and lessons you have learnt into your day by day life. This will help in making your life tranquil.


How To Understand The Divine Message Of The Quran

The Quran – The Speech of Allah in the Arabic language – is like the model just given in that it utilizes despite the fact that it utilizes the letters of the Arabic language, yet it is far better than the customary Arabic language in its significance and syntax. The second Surah, or part, of the Quran opens with these words:

“This is the Book; there is for sure; a direction for the individuals who are aware of, and dread, God.” Al Quran, Surah 02, Ayah 02.

This is a certain illustration of the heavenliness of the Quran. The Arabs of when these stanzas of the Quran were uncovered couldn’t envision delivering anything like it, despite the fact that it was a period when the Arabic language was at its best and most refined structure. However, neither the Arabs of that time, nor has anybody from that point forward – Arab, or non-Arab – had the option to imitate the prevalent vernacular of the Quran. That is the reason the individuals of those occasions were sure that the Quran was heavenly discourse and they promptly grasped its message of genuine monotheism. This remains constant even these days. Any individual who peruses the Quran turns into sure that it is The Speech of Allah and acknowledges Islam notwithstanding every work to depict Islam contraril


Kids With Cancer and Energy Techniques in a Hospital – How it Started

This intense, enormous project of working with energy techniques like EFT and kids with cancer in a hospital started when I was invited to participate in a Fundraiser for Kids with Cancer. I went to the fundraiser thinking: “Let’s see what happens?” Being open to all possibilities led to a life-long project that continues to expand and fill my heart with love.

It started out with a conversation between the head oncologist and me about Energy Techniques like EFT and the needs of these children beyond the physical treatments they receive. He commented on me trying it in the hospital.

I first showed the nursing staff how to tap Constructive Parenting Techniques because they are in immediate contact with the children on a daily basis. I wanted them to know personally what I was going to do so as not to be surprised by the funny looking “tappings” and “TappyBear” I would be using. I led them through a few rounds of tapping about their work stresses and we ended up laughing and relaxing. This beautiful connection between me and these nurses who care so diligently for these children established a basis of trust. I believe that connecting with the nurses has been “key” to success because they freely allow me to work with the children.

The children’s cancer ward environment consists of a waiting room where up to 25 parents and children wait for treatments and two hospital rooms with either 3 or 6 beds.

The first day I walked into the cancer ward, I felt overwhelmed. It was as if I had been hit by a wall of sadness, pain, misery and fear, the emotions that they kids and parents felt. One mother and her child huddled together in a corner. There were about 30 others in the room in a similar state. I felt that their perception was that they were alone, huddled in their own misery. It deeply saddened me, this lonely, isolated and depressing image.

The children and parents who tapped with me began to feel relief on many levels, emotional and physical. With time, and, as more and more of the children and parents tapped, the atmosphere of the cancer ward changed significantly.

Here are a few changes I witnessed:

– Four children and their parents laughing together over breakfast. It was so noteworthy that even the doctor commented on it.
– On another visit, the children played games, did puzzles, drew and colored, or played ball and constructed things out of Legos, together or on their own. There was laughter and much chatter among the kids.
– Parents had markedly reduced anxiety, stress and fear, which allowed them to be joyful with their children.
– Parents began to talk and share experiences and help each other out. One mother explained that before learning EFT she couldn’t help anyone else. She was completely absorbed in her own problems with her son’s cancer that she couldn’t even think about what was going on with the other children and parents much less help them. After EFT she felt empowered, calm and much more relaxed in the face of her child’s cancer. She now enthusiastically goes out of her way to help the children and other parents.
– The nurse’s work is more relaxing and enjoyable because interacting with children who are calm and accepting of them and/or their treatments makes their job easier and less stressful.
– The doctor and nurses observed improved compliance in the children as they didn’t miss their appointments at the hospital and took their medications more consistently.

Walking into the cancer ward now is a different experience. The ward feels light and comfortable. The ever present and seriousness of the disease still exists, but the intense fear of it or the inability to manage it is not. Laughter is now frequently heard in the cancer ward. These shifts alone have been worth bringing the gift of energy techniques and EFT to the hospital.

See “The Oaxaca Project” to read more about this labor of love.

Deborah Miller, Ph.D.

Deborah D Miller, Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology is an EFT practitioner, Dressing Your Truth Expert, SRT practitioner, Reiki Master and Personal Motivation guide. She has facilitated EFT and instructed many on the Laws of Attraction in person, on the radio and in teleconference sessions. As a Dressing Your Truth Expert she helps you identify your unique Energy Profile™, then teaches what colors, shapes, textures, fabrics, and design lines honor that core true self within you.

She is the author of “What have you got to be Thankful for?” a 30 day gratitude journal and co-author of “101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health.” Deborah specializes in empowering individuals by helping them release their blocks and inhibitions followed by instilling new beliefs that allow them to step into their own power. She has created EFT scripts and audios to help individuals with the EFT process.




Understanding Futures Margin

In futures trading, one cannot run from what is known as margin requirements, even more so because trading futures contracts are considered to be a high leverage financial investment.

The beautiful challenge of trading futures is that the high financial risk goes hand in hand with speedy returns and speed is what attracts a handful few thrill-seeking traders. The high leverage ratio offered by trading futures also means that this type of investment is not for the average Joes.

Unlike dabbling with the stocks market, mylasermarketing futures traders need to retain additional fund as a margin to control risk of loss in any given trading activities. Bear in mind that the risk of loss in futures trading goes in tandem with the opportunity to gain profit.

In layman term, the leverage of a $10:$100 ratio on a $100 wager could mean two things: either you stand to gain $900 or risk losing $1000 actual money.

There are two kinds of margins that you should be aware about in futures trading. The term “margin” refers to two levels of minimum margin – Initial and Maintenance Margins.

About Initial Margin

Initial Margin is a deposit required when a trader initiates a position, meaning buying (long) or selling (short) futures contract(s). Before the start of any futures trading activity, your broker will collect Initial Margin, which is a form of collateral or performance bond that is returned to you once you have closed out all your open positions (net of transaction fees, losses and/or any amounts owing to your broker).

Generally, the Initial Margin is determined by the futures exchanges and is between 10% and 25% of the underlying futures contract value. One point to note is that Initial Margin will change periodically depending on the market conditions.

Some futures broker firms require a higher Initial Margin than the minimum margins set by the futures exchanges to prevent frequent margin calls whenever the level of Initial Margin is reduced by trading loss. Initial Margin may be posted in the form of USD or MYR cash, selected foreign currencies, approved stocks and letters of credit/bank guarantee.

About Maintenance Margin

Maintenance Margin is the minimum top-up level needed in a trader’s trading account to continue holding the futures positions and is usually lower than the Initial Margin. If your position generates a loss that is greater than the Maintenance Margin level, you will be asked to top up your trading account within a stipulated time, failure of which may result in forced liquidation of your positions.

Your broker will also revalue your portfolio at the end of each business day based on settlement prices determined by futures exchanges, and your account will be credited (profit) or debited (loss) accordingly.

On the other hand, if your position results in a profit, you may be allowed to withdraw excess funds up to the Maintenance Margin level from your trading account.

For example, suppose the fund in your trading account amount to $3,000. The Initial Margin of a Noname futures contract you are interested in is $3,000. Based on the $3,000 fund in your trading account, you could only enter a position (buy or sell) for one contract. Assuming the Noname futures contract price drops by $500, you are now below the Maintenance Margin and would probably hear from your broker requesting you to deposit the additional $500 to bring back the level into the Initial Margin. However, if you have deposited a higher amount of fund into your trading account, say $5,000, your broker will automatically peruse the amount available in your trading account to continue holding your position.

Margin Call
Margin requirements are met if the trading position in the trader’s account starts to lose money. If the fund in the account fall below the Maintenance Margin, then it is compulsory to close the open position to recur further loss or to deposit additional funds to bring up the funds to the Initial Margin level.

This request for additional funds is known as the dreaded margin call for the simplest reason that it also signals that you have lost a sum in trading. In short, if you place just enough fund to trade a single contract, you will tend to get margin calls every time the market tumble, and in volatile futures trading, that could mean, every single day.

Our advice? Place a higher fund amount you are comfortable to lose into your trading account and avoid the margin call.

With regard to the two margins explained above, it is wise to note that not all futures exchanges utilize the Initial Margin and Maintenance Margin requirements. Bursa Malaysia Derivatives (BMD) just have outright margin for their futures products such as the popular Kuala Lumpur Composite Index Futures (FKLI) and Crude Palm Oil Futures (FCPO).

Sheim Quah writes for Oriental Pacific Futures, a Malaysia-based brokerage authorized to provide futures broking services to institution and private clients since 2007. OPF specializes in futures broking, particularly Crude Palm Oil Futures (FCPO) traded on Bursa Malaysia Derivatives. Head on to this futures broker [] website for more information.

Oriental Pacific Futures articles written and published by Sheim Quah may be reprinted, reposted or distributed free for educational purposes only on the condition that Oriental Pacific Futures, Sheim Quah and the Corporate Website link information ( [] ) are included. However, other organizations are invited to link to articles that are available in the public area of the Oriental Pacific Futures’ Learning Resources website. No additional permission is needed for such a link.


Learn Online – Arabic Quran

While discussing the sacred Quran in Arabic, all articulations, pitches and caesuras set up by our adored blessed Prophet Mohammed (p.b.u.h) can be embraced and utilized successfully like no other. This feature is special to the Arabic Quranic content and can’t be accomplished while presenting some other interpretation structure. Other than this, one encounters that Quran learning can be more pleasurable and energizing when finished in the Arabic language.Along these lines, consistently recollect that when assembled with us the way toward learning Quran in its unique or customary manner will be basic and fulfilling. Truly, Quran perusing alongside master mentors (Quran Hafiz) can be invigorating, advising and exceptionally teaching. Quranic Arabic learning with their direction can be amazingly satisfying and causes you accomplish the straight way that Allah has trained us to take.

Our primary focus on is to right off the bat advance Online Quran Recitation. Get in touch with us at


Ramadan – a Month of Fasting and Special Food

Ramadan, the ninth month in the Moslem schedule, is when Moslems focus on their confidence and invest less energy on the worries of their regular daily existences. It is a period of love and thought.

All through Ramadan, Moslems quick the whole month. This is known as the Fast of Ramadan. During this period, exacting restrictions are set on the day by day lives of Moslems. They are not permitted to eat or drink during the sunshine hours. Toward the day’s end, the quick is broken with petition and a supper called the iftar. At night following the iftar it is standard for Moslems to go out seeing loved ones.

For iftar, the food arranged is somewhat surprising and shows up practically just during Ramadan. Iftar starts with dates, in impersonation of what the Prophet ate during the iftar of the principal Fast of Ramadan. At that point kanji is served. This is altogether different to the kanji that Sri Lankans typically appreciate. Flavors and spices and regularly chicken or meat is added to this kanji, making this just about a feast in itself.

A portion of different dishes discovered during this month are surtapam – moved hotcakes with panipol (ground coconut blended in with remedy and gently spiced with cardamoms), pillawoos – crunchy, broiled banana player, sprinkled with remedy, ada – delicate, juggery cakes, addukku Roti – layers of flapjacks with a minced hamburger or chicken filling, heated in a cake covering, pastol – rice flour and coconut patty with garbage filling and al-basara – destroyed meat or chicken with semolina and prepared like a cake.

At the point when the quick closures (the first day of the long stretch of Shawwal) it is praised in a vacation called Id-al-Fitr – the Feast of Fast Breaking. Endowments are traded. Loved ones assemble to supplicate in assemblage and for enormous dinners.


Cash For Clothing – Recover A Dwindling Economy

With current questionable financial occasions, a few people in our general public need to manage difficult situations. Indeed, even wealthy families are seeing alternatives to manage down their costs. Deplorable as it might sound, it has really driven a few people to make imaginative other options. Money for dress is one such activity that has jumped up from the bounds of human mind because of the monetary plunge.

What is Cash for Clothing?

After the 2008 decline, the U.K. government dispatched a Used Vehicle Scrappage plot for vehicle proprietors. It was only an opportune way to deal with change the feeble U.K. automobile industry and simultaneously get individuals new arrangement of wheels. This included exchanging your old vehicle at staggering costs for a fresh out of the plastic new one. The loan costs were less and the arrangements were really appealing. Individuals immediately got on board with to the trend and profited.

Money for apparel adopts a comparable strategy yet centers around garments rather than vehicles. Individuals can post their assortment of utilized or undesirable garments over the web and bring in fast cash. In all honesty, a few people do have a very decent assortment of alluring garments. Money for garments is like Gold Trading or Mobile Phone Trading where you exchange undesirable or old things for moment money.

Are Unwanted Clothes Worth it?

Indeed, obviously. There are sure pockets of our general public that can’t bear the cost of high design brands. However there are likewise individuals who have them in abundance. Much the same as gold or silver, garments are likewise a product, though a less expensive one. Money for apparel intends to join these two gatherings at a specific level so the trade fills need for the two players. We at ‘money for apparel’ expect to encourage this exchange through our online entryway. The simple to utilize interface allows you rapidly to sell or purchase garments/extras and furthermore connect with individual clients.

Money for Clothing – How it’s Done

Assume you need to discard garments that you at this point don’t utilize. In the event that in great condition, you can demand one of our Free Clothing Sacks and post your garments through our expert dispatch administration straightforwardly to us. When your garments are gotten they will be reviewed and esteemed. You will at that point get warning of our valuation, when acknowledged we will advance installment to you for the products.

This unimaginable thought is an open source project that intends to enter all circles of our general public, particularly the lower layers. Money for attire can altogether affect family unit costs of specific pockets of our general public. Good cause and associations can utilize this stage for a huge scope to trade garments and gather gifts straightforwardly from their benefactors. Money for attire has made an option in contrast to cash for the individuals who wish to participate in an honorable activity.




The Automobile Mechanic Is Actually Your Car Doctor

Those people whose job is to examine, preserve and fix motor vehicles like light trucks and cars are referred to as automobile mechanics. When we fall sick, we go to the doctor so that he can give us medicines to help us recover quickly. Likewise, when your car is unable to operate or does not operate properly then you take your car to the automobile mechanic for repairs. So we can say that automobile mechanics are doctors of motor vehicles.

The automobile mechanics check your car on a regular basis so as to ensure that every thing is well with your car. After checking out the engines and different parts of your vehicles, they will tell you whether your vehicle is in a good shape or not. Basically, the mechanics have to follow a checklist so that they can be satisfied that they have inspected the possible problems of the car. Certain parts of the vehicles, which the automobile mechanics scrutinize carefully, are brakes, plugs, belts, fuel system and hoses.

Furthermore, these professional mechanics can also fix your windshield wipers and heaters. Service technician is one other term, which we use to refer to an automobile mechanic.

Work of an automobile mechanic

You will notice that automobile mechanics will ask you about the problems, which your car is giving you when you take your car for repair. After that, these professionals will check or scrutinize your vehicle carefully and get rid of all those things that are creating problems to your car. There are also times when these mechanics will take your car for a test drive in order to ensure that your car is performing well. There are a number of instruments, which they will use to check your car such as compression gauges and hand-held diagnostic computers. For the purpose of repairing different parts of the car, the automobile mechanics also use pliers and screwdrivers. Now there are also come expert mechanics that make use of instruments that work by electricity like computerized diagnostic instruments and infrared engine.



Communication Tips: Five Tips for Breaking Bad News

The other day I opened a letter from my health insurance provider only to read the following terse statement. “NOTES 01: – Your plan does not cover your claim of $2,000 dollars.”

It was bad news – I was expecting a cheque reimbursing me for some major dental work I had done. It wasn’t even a letter. It reminded me more of the Monopoly chance card: “Go directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.”

The unpleasant news was delivered so bluntly that it kind of took my breath away. Surely they could have at least written something like, “Dear Sandra, unfortunately the terms of your plan do not cover X, Y and Z. Better luck next time.” Anything to soften the blow!

Breaking and receiving unfortunate news is something we all experience throughout our lives. However, there are worse ways and better ways to share unpleasant news, and the good ways make it a little easier for those on the receiving end.

Understanding how to communicate bad news is particularly important in these post-recessionary, challenging economic times. Whether the unfortunate news is about job loss or just telling the guy in your office, who thinks pulling practical jokes is funny, that it’s not, it would be wise to consider the following tips for imparting news that may not be welcome.

My Top Five Tips for Delivering Bad News

Pro-to-Pro: Be professional and treat the other person as a professional. By this I mean, use professional language whether the bad news is delivered in person or by email.

Good Bad News: If there is any good news you might share, do that first. Or, give the person an option. “There’s good news and bad news, which do you prefer to hear first?” If there are two bits of good news, you might choose the “sandwich” approach: good news, bad news, good news. Another strategy is to downplay the bad by focusing on the good.

Empathize and Apologize: Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and imagine how you would feel if you were receiving the bad news. Don’t be overly emotional, but do acknowledge the other person’s emotional reaction. And apologize for being the bearer of bad news. It won’t make the news any better; it will humanize the situation.


Learn to Read the Holy Quran Online

Top to bottom investigation just as learning is conceivable with us as we make all the significant “surahs” and “ayats” of the Quran reachable to you in a simple snap! Furthermore, this can even occur online where a lot of self-study can likewise be made by you!!

The stages (manzilaat) of perusing, recitation and retention can be consistently accomplished when you have the help and direction of an individual who is a Quran Hafiz (researcher). At the point when this happens you can likewise apply some “surahs” of the Quran in your every day supplications to accomplish the most extreme out of your web based taking in exercises from us.

Presently, let us direct our concentration toward the refrains in the Quran that depict the start, the extension and at last the constriction of the universe. There is stamped similitude between the Quranic disclosure and late revelations in cosmology. The Quranic stanzas be that as it may, go a long ways past current cosmology in portraying the fate of the universe. Furthermore, this can be acquired from us at [] Quran gives us knowledge into laws of the universe that are yet to be found the laws of the contracting universe.The universe appeared billions of years back with a huge blast called “The enormous detonation.