Arabian Heights – The Rise of Arabic Website Translation

Website translation is easily one of the most heavily utilised translation services in the world of business and it is a sector that will continue to grow – especially as more and more companies seek a presence on the Web. In recent years it has been common practice to visit business websites and be greeted by all of the classic language options – Spanish, German, French, Italian and, of course, English. However, as the international economy continues to promote a much more appropriately ‘international’ feel within global business, this small selection of dominant European languages has started to look like slim pickings.

Asia is the talk of the business world and Asian languages are subsequently becoming more and more fundamental to companies wishing to secure a presence in the Middle East and beyond. China and Japan are the star players in the Asian continent in world business – both with regards to client-side operations and boardroom activity. There is a palpable eagerness in the Far East to westernize company activity and conduct negotiations, marketing and other business dealings in English. This is especially true of Chinese businessmen who will strive to perfect their English in order to gain a level foothold with their Anglophone counterparts.

This level of acceptance simply does not exist in the Arabic world and this is why Arabic website translation is fast becoming a booming sub-sector of the language translation industry. The general rejection of Westernised cultural norms in even the most booming business areas of the Middle creates a need on the part of multi-national American and British companies to introduce scrupulous Arabic translation for their products, marketing rhetoric and – most significantly – their online personas. Arabic website translation is imperative for such companies as it helps to ensure that the aforementioned businesses can prosper in the ever-more-affluent Arabic theatre

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