Arabic Tattoo Designs – What Do They Mean?

Ever wonder what those Arabic tattoo designs really mean?

Arabs are very particular not just with their religion but as well as with their culture and tradition. So when Arabic tattoo designs emerged in the U.S., Arabs residing in Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia were steadfastly opposing to it.

It is said to be unlawful to get your body inked in the Islam religion. But, it hasn’t stopped Arabs as well as non-Arabs from getting a tattoo. Relatively, Arab translations still prove to be a bit complex as the religious sector sees the designs as sacred to be used as Arabic tattoo designs.

If you want to have Arabic tattoo designs, you must take note of their traditional writing practice. Here are some things you should know about Arabic writings:


  • It is written starting from right to left
  • It uses the 18 distinct letter shapes
  • It involves change of shapes in connecting the letters
  • There are different types of scripts used in traditional Arabic calligraphy as early as the 7th century which include Farsi, Kufi, Deewani, Naskh, Req’aa and Thuluth.


Foreign language tattoos are popular nowadays in order to be distinctive from others. For the Arabic designs, you should be extra careful when using words. They can have different meanings for different people. There are those that won’t make sense to you, but can take a very significant meaning to others.

You should know, though, that it may be pretty difficult to find someone who can translate a real Arabic tattoo design. So before you get yours, it is important for you to consult several sources to ensure correct and valid translation.


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