Stop! I’m a Traffic Cop!

Traffic Cops

Ever watched an episode of Traffic Cops or similar programmes on TV? Situations can get very messy on our highways, can’t they? And without the intervention of highly skilled personnel, with sophisticated equipment and co-ordinated methods, our driving pleasures could easily turn into carriageway chaos!

Whether involved in high-speed chases to halt the manoeuvrings of lawless bandits, or handling road violation cases with people new to driving, lost, or just plain confused about good trabajo  motoring on todays’ highways – traffic cops are kept very, very busy.

Then there is dealing with the consequences from the above – the unfortunate accidents that happen every day – or controlling traffic build-up taking place at popular times, popular places or special events. Whatever the situation, the job of a Traffic Cop is to keep traffic flowing and to keep people safe.

Traffic Up Ahead

And there are different kinds of traffic: traffic just going about its everyday business, not getting in anyone’s way and expecting others to do the same; or traffic going somewhere in a hurry – whether for an important event or just because they don’t like to wait for anything; and then there’s traffic that’s just cruising around with nothing much better to do, hey, it’s nice to be out and about, catching the breeze, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Nonetheless, whatever the type of traffic there is on our highways and byways, there has to be some kind of traffic control to keep things in order, agreed? Enter – The Traffic Cop, in crisp, starched uniform, and reflective enigmatic sunglasses, she’s standing there with arm outstretched pointing the right way to go, her other hand signalling people to keep moving forward. People take notice of traffic cops and follow directions, why? Because that’s what people are trained to do (unless you’re a Highway Bandit!)

Equipped and Ready

And so, how does this relate to Internet traffic? Well, let’s take a look at the kind of equipment a Traffic Cop may use in his job and then afterward let’s consider how this might translate off the real roads and onto the Internet Highway. I’ve broken it down into three groupings, tracking, alerting and routing, which I’ll discuss in more detail later.

The Main Event

So, now let’s say, in your case, you have an event about ready to start: your website is up and running, your blog is in place to support it (hopefully) like a car park at the main stadium, and now you need some traffic control to take place, so that traffic can be routed directly to your show. How can it be made so the traffic keeps on moving, in a steady flow, doesn’t miss the right turns, doesn’t drive straight on by, doesn’t do a U-turn, or doesn’t get stuck in some silly jam, getting frustrated or over-heated?

How Do I Get There?

Some folks know exactly where they want to go and how to get there, they don’t need much direction from me, I just act as confirmation that they are on the right track. Other folk may get to you seemingly by accident! They were out just cruising around, not quite sure where they actually want to go, and these are the folks that are likely to benefit from traffic control. These casual surfers often figure something special is happening and decide to go take a look-see, and Bingo!

And finally, some folk see traffic signals or traffic control and immediately get suspicious and think, ‘What is this? What’s going on? I won’t be forced to go anywhere I didn’t plan to go to or don’t know anything about. I suspect this may lead to an unnecessary hold-up, and waste my precious time. No way, I’m out of here!’ Immediately they are going to look to turn around or look for a way to bypass the designated route. Don’t worry about these kinds of folks. Not everyone is looking for the latest happening event.

The Car Park

So, I want to make you think about your online traffic and how you can route it to your own car park – which might be your blog or landing page. What things do you currently do to stop traffic in its tracks, and route it where you want it to go? Remember, it’s a busy internet highway out there. Don’t take the advice of the Matrix guys to ‘Stay off the Freeway;’ it may be dangerous out there but with good traffic control in place you should be okay.

Traffic Cop – Tools of the Trade

Below, I have posted a few ideas on traffic control based on what those guys and gals have available to them on the streets. It’s not an exact science, granted, but it’s something I put together that I hope you can use to stimulate your thoughts in analysing your efforts to track, alert and route traffic to your very door.

The Tracking Equipment that Traffic Cops use:

How we can track traffic in our Internet business:

A fast car capable of catching other vehicles

Have a modern website design and good graphics

Radar – for detecting what’s in range

Join forums and directories in your niche

A laser speed recognition device

Understand Google rankings, do keyword research & SEO

A vehicle tracking system

Set up Google analytics or other site statistics

A car radio

Network & talk to others in your niche

The Alerting Methods Traffic Cops:

How we can alert traffic about our online offers:


Send out press releases – let everyone know where you are

Message Display Boards

Post bulletins on Twitter, Facebook & Digg

Traffic Control Signs

Use Free Giveaways to direct traffic to your paid stuff


Get your voice heard everywhere you can – do interviews, webinars, teleseminars!

Strobe Lights

Make good use of video marketing

The Routing Methods Traffic Cops Use:

How we can route traffic to our blog or website:

Traffic Cones

Let all roads lead to your blog

Push Bumper (urges traffic into action)

Get backlinks on other blogs & leading niche websites

Safe Stop Tactics

Direct people to opt-in forms, and double opt-ins

Boxing (surround on all sides and force to stop)

Partner in Joint Venture Launches & Promotions – for multiple approaches

Road Blocks

Close down the competition (so to speak)! Be a cut above the rest in adding value and providing solutions!

Oh, and then of course there are:

Traffic Cameras!

· Online: Squidoo Lenses – be a part of that community that tracks, alerts and routes traffic safely to your blog or website.

Hey, these are just ideas! Use your imagination based on what works in the natural, to help you work out what else you could be doing online to direct and control the flow of traffic to your business. Become your own traffic cop and keep things moving, until you are ready to say: Stop! I’m a Traffic Cop!



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