The Sebago Shoes Are Renowned As the Sailor Shoes

The Sebago Company is a Maine based company. Sebago was introduced in 1946 in New England as America’s finest Footwear. This company is now the identifier of the nautical shoes. It is the authenticity along with innovative ideas which makes the shoes of this brand popular to a great extent. Due to the worldwide collaboration of the Company they produced number of attractive foot wears. These are also known as the Docksides.

Shoes made for the Sailors:

Docksides are the ultimate example of the shoes that are preferred by most of the sailors. These shoes are manufactured by moccasins and they are hand sewn. It is these features of the shoes that offer the sailors comfort as well as relaxation for a long period of time. It protects a feet to a great extent. Rubber which is the key material to make this shoe offers security from the. as a result of these features they have become one of the most comfortable shoes.

The women’s Sebago shoes:

The Sebago Company became popular for its traditional women’s shoes. These are made by original leather and are sewn by the hand. it is perhaps because of this reason that these shoes are durable to a great extent.These shoes are made by applying different practical ways which offers extra comfort than others.

The different Sebago shoes available are:

• Market
• Spinnaker
• Bala
• Castine
• Hannover classic
• Lucerne
• Docksides patent

The men’s Sebago shoes:

Sebago shoes are available for men as well. Sebago men’s shoes are the best sailing shoes for men. It offers flexibility which in turn gives an extra facility to the sailors to sail in the boat for a long period of time. These nautical foot wears are known to give satisfaction to the customers since its inception.

The mens Sebago shoes are:

• Sloop
• Limerock
• Endeavour
• Spinnaker
• Shooner
• Foresider

Apart from shoes for men and women Sebago Shoes are available even for kids. These are available in wide varieties.

The different Sebago Kids shoes are:

• Champion Canvas Lace Up – black
• Champion Canvas Lace Up – White
• Champion Canvas Lace Up – Navy
• Champion Canvas Lace Up – Red
• Champion Canvas Lace Up – Stone

Sebago dockside shoes:

The idea to design the Sebago docksides is very practical. Though it is used for the sailing purpose yet, one can use it in all types of weather and place.. These shoes are quite affordable as well.

Since these shoes are available in various shapes, designs, colours and styles one would easily be able to get a Sebago shoe that would suit their needs. apart from being affordable, they are good looking as well. while walking since the muscles of the feet remain essentially engaged, it gives a lot of relief to the travelers while walking.

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