Corn – The Material For Plastic

People have been using plastic for many years already. This substance is very important today in different spheres of our everyday life. It’s even possible to say that our life depends on it too much. It is not expensive and rather convenient for us. But at the same time it is harmful for nature, because of its elements, and our extensive usage of plastic makes it even more dangerous due to its scales.

One of the main elements of plastic is petroleum. As we all know petroleum or oil is one of the most polluting fossil fuels. Today, people try to find ways for substitution fossil fuels by different kinds of alternative energy sources to protect the environment. The same is with plastic.

The main point is that plastic is not degradable and its consumption is widespread. About 25 percent of the territory of United States is covered by used plastic for now. This and many other important factors made scientists look for biodegradable plastic.

The alternative to usual plastic is present nowadays. For example, scientists found the way to make plastic from corn. It is very similar to usual plastic, but made of polylactic acid (PLA). But the main thing here is that it is completely biodegradable and the matter is renewable. The task is to replace as much plastic as possible with biodegradable one.

Of course there are some other problems. If we want to substitute all plastic by biodegradable, we should have huge territories planted with corn. But the ground is not unlimited as well, so the balance must be observed. We use soil for other purposes, for example, we grow food and graze cattle there etc. We simply may have lack of food. That is why, we should find any other method to produce biodegradable plastic or replace it by any other material.

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