Do You Have Bad Online Dating Habits?

So you’ve decided to sign up for an online dating site, you’ve uploaded your best photo, and edited your profile to perfection. You’ve been waiting months and still have not gotten any responses. Stop worrying about it!

Online dating can be a game that you could simply be playing wrong. If you want to find your perfect match, read here for the rules of the game:

Don’t Take It Personally

You can’t let a few unnoticed emails or series of bad first dates let you down. It is hard when you get rejected, but is it really considered rejection if you don’t even know the person on the other side of the monitor? If someone blows you off after one date, do you really know what they are thinking? Don’t waste your time thinking up possible explanations when it simply could be them.

Take a step back and realize a stand-up doesn’t have to have anything to do with your looks, what you make, or where you’re from. Every person is different and has different reasons for the things they do. Remember that each person you date brings you a step closer to who you meant to be with.

Find The Right Site

Most people will gravitate to popular sites, but what they don’t realize is their profile can get overlooked in highly trafficked sites. You are more likely to find success if you stick to smaller, specific sites.

Embrace Your Imperfections

Even the most prolific writers can have troubles perfecting their profiles. the truth is, most people will shy away from people who make themselves out to be perfect. People who are searching for love are most likely looking for someone who is ‘real’. your profile should simply paint a picture of who you are, so make it accurate, heartfelt, and completely you.

Keep Up To Date

Most dating sites will put the most recent or active profiles at the top of the pile. If you want your profile to get the most exposure possible, make sure to edit or update it often, even if it is only slight.

Don’t Be A Player

Online dating has the same guidelines as real life when it comes to players. Over-scheduling is never a good thing – in the real world, or online. Word will eventually get around that you are dating multiple people at once, and the outcome will never be good.

Avoid Disclosure

Remember that you are dealing with complete strangers. It is a really good idea to keep your private information to yourself for at least the first few dates. When you keep your conversations short not only will you be keeping safe, but keeping them wanting more as well.

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