Got Weird Characters From Word On Your Website, Blog or Email?

Do you have weird characters on your website, blog and email?

Have you ever finished an article in your most comfortable document editor, come to find the editor is using quotes, hyphens, apostrophes and ellipsis in a different way? These characters are not recognizable by any web browser. If you examine them closely you will find that the characters are “transformed” into Microsoft’s own language. Since the web decided it didn’t want to format itself in preparation for Word, we now see these special Microsoft characters as weird question marks and “A” characters with squiggly lines. Sometimes these characters can cause all kinds of problems for web developers. No one likes an ugly web page!

Are you a victim of this catastrophic event?

You’re not alone. There are over 100,000,000 web pages on the internet, at this very moment, branded by these weird characters. If you copy and paste your Word Document onto your website, or upload it to a site somewhere else without replacing these special characters first, you have become the latest victim of yet another Microsoft problem.

Why does Word sucks so much?

When most of the world is using your product as a day-to-day need for business and personal use, you will have a balance between positive and negative interaction from your customers. In this case, we may claim that “Word Sucks”, but in reality this document made in Word. So you see it’s a love/hate relationship. We need them and they need us. Word may suck when it comes to being an asset for writing documents for the web, but it’s still one of the best document editors around.

What can I do to fix this problem?

If you want to fix the problem yourself, you can find and replace any special characters in your Word Document with the correct ones. You can also disable a few of them in your Settings, however, you should be absolutely sure that you replaced every single one of them. There are some services you can find on Google to help fix this problem, if you search for “weird characters from word to web” or “weird characters from word on my website”. Unfortunately there’s no easy way to explain what the problem is.

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