Valentine Day – Visit Places in India

Valentine day is the gala day for the lovers and it is celebrated all over the world. In Europe, the day symbolizes St. Valentine’s stand as a mascot of unified love. And India, the country of different communities and religions, is the perfect destination for lovers. It is the ideal home many true lovers such as: Heer -Ranjha, Soni- Mahiwal, and Laila-Majnu.

According to Hindu mythology, Famous Hindu God Krishna is notable for his love stories and Hindus adore the Idol of Radhe- Krisna. Lord Kamdev of Hindu bazinga Mythology has the same status to St.Valentine. Ancient scriptures and Sculptures have proved that India is the home of ideal love for many years and some lovely places are described below.

Taj Mahal- It is one of the seventh wonders of the world, regarded as perfect symbol of love and romance. It was built by the famous Mughal Emperor Shahjahan in memory of his beloved and wife Mumtaj Mahal after the death of her. The whole palace is constructed in awesome white marble that makes it magnificent destinations for couples. There is a dome of the queen inside the palace. It is situated in Agra, only 200km away from the National Capital Delhi. Taj Mahal remains a major tourist attraction from all over the world and travelers are enchanted by the beauty of the palace. On full moon day, its beauty becomes double when the reflection of the palace has been seen on the splendid water of Yamane which flows near the palace.

Mandu and Khajuraho- India is considered as the home of Kamasutra and Mandu is one of those places which is epitome of love. It is notable for its exotic palaces, mosques, mausoleums and pavallions. The place is also famous for its monuments such as Jahaz Mahal, Hindola Mahal, Hathi Pul and Rupmati Pavallion, built by Baz Bahadur to woo his lover, a beautiful singer Rupmati. The love stories of King Baz Bahadur and Rupmati was very famous among local couples and they get inspiration from it. The romantic tale ended with the tragic death of Baz Bahadur in fight with Mughal emperor Akbar and Rupmati commits suicide.

Khajuraho is the paradise for lovers and notable for its shining sandstone temples and erotic sculpture which makes it one of the perfect romantic destinations. The architecture of idols and short acts straight of the Kamasutra in full moon day will mesmerize you.

Ooty- it is known as Queen of Nilgiri hills, situated in Tamilnadu state of India. It is the perfect destination for lovers and honeymooners. The lush green valley and gorgeous hills attracted thousand of tourist from all over the world. It is a small hill station with an area of 36 sq km but a hub of natural flora and fauna. There are so many sightseeing places in Ooty out of which Botanical garden, Ooty Golf Course, Catherine falls, the narrow rail are the major attractions.

Top Tourist destinations places to visit in India during Valentine day are Taj Mahal epitome of love Khajuraho and Goa Beaches


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