How to Stay in Affiliate Market Even When Others Are Failing

Though there is a shout everyday on how people are making thousands of dollars daily from affiliate  robottogel marketing, actually it is only 25% that make such money, the rest 75% keep failing everyday without knowing what is the actual cause of their failure.

Below are some of the reasons why people fail in affiliate marketing:

*Assumptions: you can’t assume a market and be ever successful in that market. You may be promoting what you love and feel good about but is it what your prospect are looking for? For you to succeed in your affiliate marketing, search what prospect are looking for and give it to them.

*Old Methods: You can’t expect to use some of the market strategy of 10 years ago now and get any reasonable result. Things are changing per seconds daily. For you to succeed in our recent time, search for the latest marketing tools and apply them.

*Wrong Placement of Product: You can’t expect to high your affiliate links on a dead zone in your website and expect any good result. Experts made us to understand that the best place to promote your affiliate product is on a full page single sale page websites. To succeed, create a full page site for your affiliate product.

*Lack Of Traffic: Traffic is money, who are you selling to if nobody visits your site. Your site will be like ghost village with dead affiliate links sign post if no traffic to your site. There are many books, videos and reports online about traffic generation. Grab one and start pumping traffic to that site. If you are not tight of cash, visit Google AdWord and get some traffic magic.

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