How to Save Money in Between Salon Trips Using Hair Shears

You don’t have to be a professional hairstylist to use a good set of hair shears. How many times have you been in between trips to the salon and just needed to make an easy trim off your bangs or around your face. It may be too soon to pay out the money for a full shampoo, haircut and color job. But it’s time to a few cuts that will allow your style to last a little longer. It is during this time of need that having a good pair of hair shears around the house will come in handy.

Face it, you don’t want to use the scissors from the kitchen that you use to cut your chicken with. And you don’t want to risk getting some glue mixed up with your locks by using your crafting shears. And you definitely don’t want to use the pruning shears from the garden. No, each tool has a specific purpose. For cutting hair, the tool you need is hair shears.

When you dedicate a pair of scissors for cutting hair, you have a better chance of the blades staying sharp. When you use a dull set of shears you risk a result that appears as if you took a saw blade to your head. This is to be avoided!

With a sharp set of hair shears you will better be able to duplicate your salon style. One tip for learning how to trim your hair in between salon visits is to pay close attention to what you stylist is doing when you are at the salon. Watch how he balances out your haircut by gathering small sections and trimming. You will notice that they do not rush and cut thick layers. Doing this will often lead to a crooked cut.

Also watch the technique they use when thinning or layering the hair. Depending on your style, they may use a motion using just the tips of the hair shears and cutting down at an angle. Another method is to gently drag the scissors through your hair at an angle so that it shaves off just a little bit of your length. This motion is similar to what you may use if you were curling the ribbon on a package using scissors…but not your hair cutting scissors!

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