Aligning To Your Universal Soul Family

Have you been feeling a lifelong homesickness or feeling g like you don’t belong?

I don’t know what your experience was like as a young child in relation to how connected you felt to the people and landscapes around you… perhaps you can relate to what I am about to soul reading share for the first time with you.

At a very young age, I can remember feeling like earth was not my home and that I was missing essential family members in my ‘tribe.’

Can you relate?

As time went by, my awareness of missing members gradually grew into homesickness and created deep feelings of isolation, and on some level, abandonment by God. It wasn’t until years later, upon providing more than 20, 000 soul readings, that I learned how common my feelings were.

If you are currently feeling this way, I want to lovingly share with you that you are not alone AND that there are several members of your soul family here on this planet just waiting to connect with you and welcome you back home!

How do I know this, you might ask?

Because it happened for me and I’ve witnessed this miracle for thousands of others just like you.

We all vibrate with a certain harmonic or ‘spiritual language’ and when you connect with others who ‘speak the same language’, you can experience an incredible homecoming that allows you to finally BE all that you are, heal any shields that have been created to protect your feelings of spiritual rejection and abandonment, restore your commitment to living (and living on purpose) on this planet, and grow and evolve in connection with others (your harmonic family that gets you beyond words).

I invite you to really take a moment and FEEL what this connection can create for you!

Would you like to create this same connection for yourself?

Allow me to share my personal (and previously private) process with you that I am now being called to share:

1. To begin, I really needed to decide that I wanted this for myself. That I was ready to let others in to my heart and my soul and share the depths of my being for it is in this sharing that all can grow and heal.

2. Then, I needed to have a heart-to-heart with God (Creator, Source, Spirit, The One, Universe), and allow that aspect of myself that felt abandoned to share my feelings (ie. Anger, sadness, etc) on paper so that I could get it out of my system. In doing so, I was able to finally see the illusion of separation that had blinded my connection with Source so that I could create a new story of my sacred time on earth and my divine connection with The One.


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