Where To File Federal Tax Returns

Every American that earns more than a specified amount of money are required to file tax returns by law. All taxpayers must file a tax return each year with the IRS, the United States government agency that handles federal taxes. They may be required to file federal tax returns with the state tax agencies too. The United States tax system is based on the principle of self-assessment.

The IRS demands federal tax return on the basis of an individual’s non-immigrant visa statues and their dependents. These filing requirements vary according to whether the student, scholar, or dependent is considered a resident or a non-resident for federal tax purpose. There are various sources return4refund available, which help a person to determine the correct status for filing forms for federal tax return.

After completing a federal tax return form, a person can send it either electronically or by mail to the IRS. If people opt for filing returns by mail they can find directions on where to send them in the tax instruction booklet of form 1040. It is advisable for taxpayers to use the envelope and the appropriate mailing label while mailing returns. All check payments should be made payable to “United States Treasury”.

Individuals can file their returns by mail or by electronically. IRS offer e-file programs for filing returns instead of traditional paper work for filing. IRS e-file program is fast easy and convenient for taxpayers. Taxpayers can file returns electronically using an authorized IRS e-file. Free filing is also available on the IRS website.

Electronic tax filing enables taxpayers to make direct deposits of tax returns to the IRS with the use of credit cards. Taxpayers are immediately informed of receipt of their application and payments and are provided with a verification number. Electronic payments are a safe and secure method for filing returns. The Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) system allows taxpayers to schedule recurring payments from their bank accounts.

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The process of returning textbooks at the end of the semester or teaching year involves several steps. They include:


  1. The collection of the textbooks from students;
  2. The checking of book numbers against the students names;
  3. The creation of a list of missing books with the names of students responsible for those books.
  4. Informing these students of the need to return books either personally or by email.
  5. Doing a stocktake.
  6. Checking to see if books lost during the year turn up in the stocktake.
  7. During the stocktake, separating out books in need of repair and books too damaged to be used again and disgorged.
  8. Determining how many new textbooks that needs to be purchased for next year.


Let me now explain how we went about the whole process.


  • Because the students need their textbooks to study before the final assessment task or examination, the textbooks were handed in either on the way into the examination room or during the last period with their teacher.
  • If the class teacher was to collect the books during the last period, the teacher would gather the books and mark off on the class list those that were returned and create a list of the names of students still to return their books. Then the teacher would arrange for the lists and the books to be delivered to the teacher aide in the book storage room.
  • For those students going into an examination, their books would be piled n class groups at the door of the examination room as they entered to do the examination. The class teacher would then check the books marking off those returned and making a list of students who had not returned their books.


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