How to Protect the Air Pump in Hydroponic

I have heard of many indoor gardeners plagued with broken air pumps. Don’t blame the malfunction on a poorly built product, blame it on a poorly trained user. Sometimes pumps break after a power outage of some sort. The reason this happens is water is siphoned into the electrical components. The water destroys the electrical components and it no longer functions. A Deep Water Culture crop could potentially die from this minor mistake. Do not let a broken pump equate to dead plants

There is a preventative measure growers can take to protect their hydroponic garden.  EarnWithSocial The answer is a check valve. Check valves prevent water from siphoning water into the pump in the case of a power loss. They are cheap and easy to install. You can find them in department stores, pet stores, aquarium stores, and of course hydroponics stores. They are the same type of valve you put on an aquarium air pump.

Hydro systems with a reservoir should be using an air stone. The air stone is powered by the pump. Nearly all hydroponic systems including drip systems will need an air pump. A check valve is something everyone should get when ever they get a new hydroponic system.

To install the valve simply cut air tubing to be secured to both sides of the valve. Make sure to face the valve the right way so air can flow. Check valves will make your hydroponic system more dependable. Its an awful feeling to lose a good harvest to a hydroponic equipment failure.



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