Organic Shampoo: The Pros and Cons

Shampoos and conditioners are at the top of the FDA’s hate list because of all beauty products, they are the most frequently reported. In most cases the complaint is of skin, eye or scalp irritation and the reason is usually the same, a chemical called sodium lauryl sulfate or SLS. Animal and human testing Organic Shampoo UK  showed that SLS was a severe irritant but it is still used in many, if not most, shampoos. Tests in the 1980’s showed that SLS was absorbed by the skin and left deposits in the internal organs, so why is it used? Largely because the beauty industry thinks you want it that way.

Truly organic shampoos and conditioners do not contain SLS, but that is a problem. It means they  Organic Shampoo don’t foam like other shampoos. They’ll still get your hair clean, but they won’t give you that satisfying foamy feeling, and since most companies believe that feeling foamy is really important to consumers, the SLS stays in.

So, without SLS, do organic shampoos really work? The truth is that there is no relation between bubbles and beauty. The fact that a shampoo makes a really creamy lather does not mean it will make your hair more beautiful. SLS free shampoos do clean your hair, and since they don’t remove every single scrap of natural oil, they are rather better for it than their SLS laden cousins.

However, there is another problem.

Sodium lauryl sulfate is cheap. Using an alternative (even one which doesn’t produce so much lather, is more expensive, and as we know consumers like to keep costs down.

So why would we want a more expensive shampoo that doesn’t lather well?

Here are a few reasons:

There is less chance of skin irritation and long term health problems from SLS.
Your hair will retain moisture better and this will boost its condition.
You hair will be less damaged when using heat tools, again improving its condition
Your hair will be less dry as it is not stripped of all its natural oils, and yes, that will improve its condition.
Many users of SLS free shampoos report better hair volume and hair control. But most of all, users report that hair color lasts longer.
Despite all the advantages of SLS free shampoos, the beauty industry continues to produce shampoos containing SLS.

So what can you do?

Check your shampoo and see what chemicals it contains. If it is SLS free, congratulations.

If not, go to a store or shop online and find an SLS free shampoo. Use it for 3-4 weeks and consider the results. You can live with less foam.

Then, write to the manufacturer of your original shampoo and explain why you are changing brands. You can change the world, but only if you try.


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