Different Causes of Poor Posture That May Lead to Back Pain Problems

Back pain problem are mainly caused because of poor posture. However, wrong posture is not just about habits. There are many factors that may disturb the balance of the bones and muscles especially while we move. Because of the imbalance, we can lose the fitness required to support the body in a proper alignment. Knowing the root cause of the problem can help us diagnose the problem and find a suitable treatment for it.


This is one of the most common reasons of poor posture that eventually lead to different types of back pain problem. For example, we might be using the wrong type of chair that is ergonomically not perfect. This way, we develop a particular posture for sitting. We are still able to perform various activities, but with a wrong alignment. Sometimes, in order to accommodate the changes, tensions, or weaknesses in bone or muscle, we alter the posture of our body. We complete our intended movement with this compromised alignment, which can be problematic for the back.

Nutritional Aspect And The Presence Of Diseases

Sometimes, the structures of the musculoskeletal system, such as muscles and bones, are affected directly by the conditions caused by poor nutrition, dehydration, and specific diseases. Because of this you may start losing the flexibility and strength required for good posture.

Muscles Guarding An Injury

When a particular part of the body gets injured, the muscles adjacent to the affected area start guarding the same. However, they work in a diminished way and gradually become weak. This creates an imbalance between the muscles that guard an injury and those that are healthy. The body posture gets affected because of this and results in back pain problem.

Wrong Choice Of Clothing And Shoes

You may be surprised to know that even your choice of clothing and shoes, especially shoes, can create an imbalance in your body alignment, making the muscles and the bones unstable. Wearing improper shoes can eventually promote a wrong posture by creating a nervous system feedback loop.

Weakness And Tension In Muscles

Even if the body is not injured, sometimes, because of repeat activities, you develop muscles that are either extra weak or extra strong. This imbalance is not good for your back. In this case, you will have a very tough time holding the body upright efficiently. Very soon, it will start affecting your posture negatively.

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