How to Lift a Hot Tub for Moving or Storage

Ollowing secure lifting practices while you’re transferring need to continually be top of mind. Improperly lifting heavy items can lead to serious acute or continual accidents, and also can notably derail the moving manner. But lifting heavy items is, understandably, less complicated stated than done, specifically whilst you’re shifting with out the assist of a professional moving enterprise. So what about that warm bathtub then? Below, we’ll cowl everything which you need to recognise about adequately shifting a warm tub, which include how to lift a warm tub while you’re transferring it to a storage unit or in your next domestic.

In relation to extraordinarily heavy objects like hot tubs, we generally endorse opting for the help of a moving business enterprise. Expert movers are pro specialists when it comes to lifting heavy and bulky fixtures and appliances, and that they’re properly-versed within the right protection protocols that you need to follow in an effort to elevate with out injury. They’re also typically the manner to move if you’re going to want to transport your warm bathtub up or down a hard and fast of stairs. Nonetheless, it’s not not possible to figure out the way to raise a hot tub to your personal, supplied you pass into it with a plan—and the proper resources. Right here’s a way to do it.

Gather What You need
There are some key necessities that you’ll need to have handy if you want to carry a hot bath, amongst them: the assist of two to three different capable-bodied people. Except you’re the Hulk you’re possibly no longer going so that it will do any warm bath lifting in your own (and if you could do it, it nevertheless wouldn’t be really worth the pressure and possible risk of damage to your back). Even in case you’re tackling the relaxation of your circulate by myself, now is the time to rope in the assist of a couple friends. (here’s some advice on the way to ask pals for transferring help. Hint: pizza and a proper “thanks” move a long manner.)

As for the relaxation of your components, the technique of a way to carry a warm bath consists of just three fundamental matters:

robust 2×4 pieces of wood
furniture dollies
Transferring straps
Double take a look at which you’ve got what you need earlier than shifting day, since otherwise, that warm tub isn’t going everywhere.

Prep the new tub
Prepping your hot bath for a circulate takes a chunk of time, so it’s crucial which you do it ahead of time. Deliver your self a few days to a week, simply in case you arise towards any problems.

Following the directions for your proprietor’s guide (in case you misplaced it, you may be capable of discover a replica on ManualsLib, otherwise attain out to your warm tub’s manufacturer directly for a replica), disconnect and drain your warm bath. Whilst disconnecting, take a photograph of the setup earlier than unplugging something so that it’s less complicated to set lower back up once more later. Make sure to wrap up and at ease all cords, and if there are any cords that detach from the unit absolutely, label them with tape so you’re not looking to guess in a while what they’re for. Wrap and box up all component components of your warm tub as well, including any filters, plumbin

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